Opinions Mon, 17 Dec 2012

Conflict Is Virus, Let Politics Be A Fair Game

There are many things which make humans mature, immature, serious, purity and crazy. However, the nervous system of every individual person differs irrespective of his educational or religious background, age or social position in the community in which he lives even beyond the prestigious position undertaken nationwide. A human is liable to act bizarrely no matter the situation surrounding him. Only a few people are able to reflect on their position in order to exercise restraint emotional disorders anytime there is a high tension.

Ghanaians are boomed with different suspicions after the release of the 2012 presidential election which was held recently this Friday 7. An individual Ghanaian has a specific perception as why the party he supports won the vote. The same way the defeated parties’ supporters also have their own unique conception as why their party lost the vote. Perhaps, the most appropriate ways to maintain peace, tranquility and equity is to be free-minded at this very moment of the year.

Politics could change our life economically, socially, spiritually and intellectually if only it is properly managed and addressed with an outmost care. The success which one must be anticipated as a result of violence, intimidation and fighting could render this dear nation of ours into a very gargantuan chaos and disaster if care is not taken. We need peace for development. No better nation is built on an excessive fear, anxiety and tension. Competition is conventionally assumed to be won by only one party. There might be strong desires and expectations to win when contesting a game, but one might also reserve a probability of losing in case there is no chance for victory. These are the phenomenons which make people appear maturely and self-annalist in pertinent situations in societies.

We have a lot whole of things to do in order to move this country forwards. So why can’t we forget about the grievances we might’ve uncounted in one way or the other in order that we all turn this country a place of excellence with respect to apt democratic dispensation in African and the earth as a planet. Let us not dispose off an integrity, equity and maturity recognition which exhibits Ghana for quite a very long time.

Politics can never divide Ghanaians. It is older than any one of us, so we shall not allow its virus to attack any person in this nation, especially when Christmas is around the corner. Ghanaians are exclusively created by God so as they harmoniously live with one another with little dispute which could be resolved with a little bit ethic subjected to the moral education assimilated round from class one. We are unique, so let the whole world continue appreciating Ghana for just that.

By: Koffi Amlado


Columnist: Amlado, Koffi