Congrats Hon. Pascal Lamptey, MCE of Ketu South.

Tue, 19 Nov 2013 Source: Akpah, Prince

For most people in Ketu south Municipal, the world bank of

the ruling NDC, seeing the election of a new MCE to fill the vacant position of

Municipal chief Executive after one unsuccessful trial, 28th of

October was one that most citizens would never have forgiven themselves if they

were not there or had monitored the program on the various local radio

stations. More or less it was a holiday as to the number of people that thronged

in and out of the Municpal Assembly, the venue for the momentous election.

Present were the regional minister, Nii Afotey Agbo, MP and

Minister of Financial and Allied Institutions, Hon. Fifi Kwetey, Hon Dzifa

Gomashie who also doubles as a government appointee and deputy minister, Kofi

Adams deputy general secretary of the NDC amongst a lot of other dignitaries

from chiefs, civil servants, media houses and also highly represented, the

security agencies.

After all the

controversies, from the various allegations against the Government Nominee, to

bribes circulating among assembly members, ‘’letters’’ of court injunction,

appointment and swearing in of new Government appointees, voting of a new

presiding member to monitor the day’s proceedings because the behaviors of

Cephas Anagbo (PM), Hon. Pascal Lamptey really had a tough time as in the

history of this same process in the whole of Ketu District now a municipal.

Even as the story unfolds some Party executives where also seriously on the

agenda of making him not win but rather prefer their own choices to fill the

seat. But all thanks to the also positive thinking Member of Parliament whose

presence saw the proceedings a success as he couldn’t wait to see his ‘twin

brother’ in the development of his constituency and municipal emerge


Hon. Pascal Lamptey who was my own teacher in social

studies, now citizenship education in Amazing Love Schools is a very gentle

man, goal oriented, disciplined as I will never forget some of his lashes,

kind, caring, hardworking and very good teacher, he was also the deputy youth

organizer of the party and the director of culture at the municipal. In his

acceptance speech he stressed on three words as all he will be doing which are

Unity, Reconciliation and Development, he also commended the president and

other minister for appointing him to this position as the representative of the

president to his people.

The evening affairs in the municipal were left to it self to

tell another day as history.

Congratulations my former teacher and party executive. You are

my MCE and hope we will soon work together on your agenda of unity,

reconciliation and development of Ketu south. So far the municipal has produced

the CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center, Minister of Financial and

Allied Institutions, Deputy Minister of Culture and Creative Arts and a whole

lot of Appointees serving under this government

Also with his work so far, he will soon be cutting sod for a water project

in the municipal as he gears up to host in partnership with the MP the


Thank you.

Akpah Prince



Columnist: Akpah, Prince