Congratulations, Mr. Martin Alamisi Ben Kaiser Amidu

Martin Amidu Smile Martin Alamisi Amidu, Special Prosecutor nominee

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 Source: Issah Fuseini

Mr. Martin Alamisi Ben Kaiser Amidu has for the past years distinguished himself so well and has won the respect of many Ghanaians for his intransigent fight against wanton dissipation of national purse by his own party: National Democratic Congress (NDC) apparatchiks. No wonder that he has gained the sobriquet: “citizen vigilante.” Today, his hard work, commitment, dedication and transparency has won him public trust and confidence in fighting against corruption and national wreckers.

Even when Mr. Martin A.B.K Amidu was dismissed from office as an Attorney General under the Mills administration, he did not relent on his effort to fighting corruption as he vowed to protect our public purse. He told the nation that "the ethics of a legal profession and the Bar, of which I'm a leader, are more sacred to me than that of young and inexperienced members of a communication team of the NDC who are absolutely ignorant of the functions of an Attorney-General under the Constitution of Ghana," he said towards his commitment to the nation interest. His life was threatened, he was labeled as betrayal and pro-government newspapers were on his neck as if he was rather the fraudster. All these were done in the interest of the nation and not for personal gains.

The pro-government newspapers then – Daily Post; the Informer; the National Democrat; the Ghanaian Lens – described by Mr Amidu as “perverse” and “rented NDC press” joined the calls for Mr. Martin A. B. K Amidu dismissal with a unanimous banner headline, “A-G Martin Amidu Must Go!” However, Ghanaians were of the view that Mr. Amidu is very credible and honest when it comes to protecting national treasury and fighting against kleptocracy. He deserves a national honor. The call of Ghanaians has been answered by H. E. Nana Addo's administration.

Mr. Martin Amidu has pass the integrity test and majority of Ghanaians will agree with me in this context, how do we test somebody integrity? Integrity test is used to determine whether an employee will engage in counter-productive or dishonest work related behaviors such as cheating, stealing and sabotage. There are two main types of integrity test namely: overt integrity test ( measurement of attitude towards theft, and through an admission of self-report and actual theft behavior ) and the personality type integrity test (an attempt to measure personality traits believed to predict counter-productive conducts such as risk taking, emotional instability, psychological misgivings, dishonesty and irresponsibility).

However, I think the call to include Mr. Martin Amidu in the Nana Addo’s administration is in order as it could help the image of the government, the political witch haunting mantra will be put rest. Thank you, God bless Ghana, God bless NPP.

Columnist: Issah Fuseini