Congratulations Radio Gold, But For This One "Onyeee!"

Sun, 6 Mar 2011 Source: Goka, Frank

Undoubtedly, you are still the King of the airwaves. Ever since your inception on 6thMarch,1996; I have been going contrary to the prescribed hours of daily sleep as those in the medical fraternity will advice, and I know millions of Ghanaians and thousands of non-Ghanaians do share this experience with me. From the dawn of the day to the train station where we board the Night Train, Radio Gold disseminates nothing but the truth!

As a "Family" of Radio Gold, we all function in unison, as we eat the same "Akple and Fetri-detsi ( Okro Soup)" prepared by “Daavi Delicious Konkonsa” under the tutelage of Togbega H.K Thywill-Be-Done Korsivi Konkonsa. On Saturdays, we take care of our politico-religio-socioeconomic needs as we all wear “agbada” and hold in our hands the Holy Quran of discerning minds to the "Alhaji & Alhaji" mosque where Imam Alhassan Suhuyini and his colleagues digest the political issues of the land. Notable issue like “Die make I Chop President” was of recent memory. Prior to going home, we prayed to Allah that “Ghana and Ghanaians should not die” any unnatural death for surfeit greediness of one person or a group of individuals. To further strengthen our faith in the scriptures of politics, Pastor Offei and his crew also take us to “church” twice weekly and preach us the truth of affairs in Ghana through “Asem yi di ka” (the Twi version of Alhaji & Alhaji).

Down memory lane, we get hold of Okyeame Ayensu on African Safari and Kofi Okyere on “K.O.D on GOLD”. Of course, we need some entertainment, amusement, and comedy. And no one provides that better than the man himself, the dynamic, versatile, polynomial Radio Freestyler “W-o-f-a K on Agoro”. The multi-purpose lady with melodious golden voice concentrate on our “Youth at the Corner” and also takes us back to Efo Konkonsa’s native land where we dance and dance until our back and torso synchronize to the Anloga sea-waves and our handkerchiefs get soaked with sweat on the symphony of “Borbor and Agbadza” tunes. We do travel from Nungua to Jamestown bare-footed changing steps on “Golomashie and Kpalongo” rhythms on Wednesdays I remember. Oh, what a joy!

Honestly, the day the younger brothers of Black Stars were humiliated and kicked out of the CHAN tournament in Sudan, most of us didn’t know about it until the man with the sebaceous and loquacious mouth –“ Waano Waano” and Nana Darkwa let the cat out on “Gold Sports”. Infact, the care Radio Gold provides is a holistic one. They have ears and noses at every nook and cranny of Ghana and the world to the extent that even when the male Tilapia mates with the female underneath the lagoon at the village of Tregui where I come from; Gold News broadcasts it live. That’s why I doff my hat for the chief translator “O-na-na-na-na-na”, “Agawe”, “Bad Old-man” Omansomfo Nana Yaw Kwakye, Ms Valentine, Doris Frimponmaa, Loratu and the rest of the News crew for being “nosy”.

After the hustling and bustling at Makola, Ashaiman , Kejetia and the harbours; the man that makes sure that we are not left in the middle of the city waits and take everyone on board the NIGHT TRAIN until we get home safely. Of course, there are people behind the scene whose energy and visionary ideas propelled the station to where it belonged today. Just as he put it sometime ago “there are lights in the darkness, but only those who have the eyes to see, could see”, and really the impeccable and innovative B.B Menson is the light behind the darkness of Radio Gold’s success. Rashid Tanko is the technical brain. Mention could also be made of great presenters like Muntala Muntari, Peter Bamfo (the polyglot), and other legends like Hon. James Agyenim Boateng, Mickey Osei Berko, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Darrel Ambroseman ( a Liberian) who are part of our story.

Indeed, our family is an all inclusive one. Any characters of fun one can imagine have a deep rooted gene amongst us. It is in the Golden Family that the only intelligent village drunkard “Koofori” is chosen to be the Chief Advisor to the sitting President of the land overtly and covertly. Truly, our people enjoy freedom of expression in our kingdom, hence the right to criticize constructively and express our views to the extent that when a pot-hole (Oh, sorry man-hole) is spotted on the Motorway we freely lodge complaint with Oboobia Darko and Opanyin at the “KANEWU” provost cells for immediate attention.

Today, as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Radio Gold, I will like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Baffoe Bonnie and his entire team. Through your works, many of us have developed a greater sense of bravely, patriotism, humility, peace and love for one another. We discovered that we are of the same Homo sapiens lineage with a common destiny.

However, I equally wish to use this occasion to register my frustration and that of many Diasporas who listen to Radio Gold over the internet about the station’s inability to broadcast consistently online; when most of the lesser known, “immature” and amateur stations are transmitting steadily. The most annoying aspect is when one rushes to listen to conscious programs like “Konkonsa” and “Alhaji and Alhaji” and sees “READY” on the media player without transmission. Yes, ready but yet not transmitting! Also, due to the time difference around the globe, we tend to miss some of the aforementioned programs. We are appealing to management to start posting these programs and other tapes of interest online for reference. If the “crawling” stations are able to do it, I don’t see why the Power Station couldn’t. Whose responsibility is it to maintain and upgrade the official website by the way? The site is aesthetically and cosmetically unappealing. To add injury to insult, headline news items become stale for a week or more.

I can’t fathom lack of funds as the impedance to implementation of these suggestions. But should that be, we the fans are ready to contribute our quota to project Gold to the next level. It’s just a matter of management declaring the intent and establishing an account. I am ready to lead this course should the need be!

Folks, Radio Gold is dear to my heart and I am proud to be a member of the Golden family. Let me use this opportunity to share this honest and story with you: Not even at the death of my father had I shed tears as an adult, but the swift manner fans throng to the premises of Radio Gold to defend the “Small Boys” during the 2008 Presidential Election, when intelligence report indicated that security forces were dispatched to close down the station made me dropped emotionally. May God bless and reward each one of you abundantly for your courage. With the highest pitch and volume of my voice, I reaffirmed my loyalty to the Golden Family by shouting aloud the jingle “I L-O-V-E RADIO GOLD, 90.5!!” Happy Birthday Radio Gold! Happy birthday, Ghana!!


New York


Columnist: Goka, Frank