Congratulations to anti-corruption campaigner Narawie

Wed, 2 Jul 2014 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

Congratulations to the Global Reporter and anti-corruption campaigner Mr. Abu Nabong Narawie

My Brothers and Sisters, I magnanimously congratulate Mr. Abu Nabong Narawie for the wonderful reportage about the sexual harassment of student-girls at the two main senior high schools in our District, Sissala East. Your elaborate, detailed and painstaking document kept parents, opinion leaders, organisations and the youth abreast of how our female students are being sexually persecuted by both teaching and non-teaching staff.

I'm scandalised or horrified about the contents of the write-ups, which till now sound so dismal, preposterous and pathetic. The details in the report suggest that it (the report) is most likely a mirror reflection of the happenings at the schools. Based on the write-ups, I consider it dreadfully stupid, uncivilised, gross immaturity on the part of the teachers and non-teaching staff who lack sound moral standing and are therefore meting out such treatments to our student-girls.

The high libido and illicit sexual habits being exhibited by these immoral staff is totally uncalled for and must be condemned in our society. Are we in a society full of mediocre persons to whom substances do not matter again? Sometimes, we often defend the indefensible culprits without looking at the substance of their ‘crime’. Such needless defending of raw wrongdoers accounts for the prevalence of injustice in our society.

With all seriousness, it sounds ridiculous as to why those alleged culprits mentioned in the write-ups and other clueless persons have thus far misdirected their attention to finding out who authored the write-ups. Though scarce these days, common sense should direct the culprits and their gullible followers to focus more attention on the contents and substance of the write-ups. I'm highly disgusted about how some people have pretentiously seen and accused me as being the brainchild behind this whole dreadful story as well as being the chief editor of the Global Reporter's articles.

In reality, the writer boldly wrote his name in the reports. Despite seeing the author’s name, these oblivious persons are still rattling several baseless accusations and pointing accusing fingers at some leaders of the Young Democrats as being those behind the sad stories. Why these red herrings? Never holding water, such wholesale and blind accusations must be condemned. Anyway, no serious person will subscribe to this their figuratively ignorant accusations.

Until I hear someone accused me directly, I will keep my sincere reservation. I don't know whether such idiots have read my write-ups before. Honestly, I actively champion and vigorously campaign for developmental issues. I do as well constructively criticise people in high authority especially politicians who remotely control bootlickers and immoral persons like them. In consequence, I trade my writings solely on the above-mentioned areas with massive passion. Thus, I can't fathom why I should be accused on issues I’ve never written on.

We are in a generation that don't fear the holy books and at times swear the holy books and still go ahead to tell lies. How I wish we could turn to our traditional days by subjecting all the alleged culprits in the said write-ups to swear some of the shrines and see if they could survive.

It will only be out of ignorance and pure madness for anyone, group of persons and organisations to rubbish those excellent reports without letting investigative bodies conduct a thorough investigation on the issues raised therein. Just as smoke without fire is unimaginable, so could these stories never have surfaced if the nefarious activities contained in them never occurred. For the Kansec story, I'm never surprised at all because one of the male students impregnated a younger sister of mine. And ever since, my elder brother reported the case to the school authority more than a month now, he is only told a senseless statement and nothing has been done about it.

With regards to the sexual harassment, I don't trust all the staff a bit. I'm calling on GES, BNI and Hon Johnson, the DCE, to do something about the alleged sex scandals. If the culprits are really found guilty, then the law should take its own course and same should be done to the author if they turn out to be false. To GES, my beloved father Kuoro Alhaji Tortimmah Ali Wanna Nansia V of blessed memory ever said, ‘If you transfer a policeman who is a drunkard, you have only changed his drinking spot and not his drinking habit’. The only curtailment to his situation is severe punishment'. All in all, despite not knowing the author, I'm fully in support of the methodology used for publishing the names of the students and I will forever encourage him to expose the rots in all departments in our catchment area and beyond.

My Brothers and Sisters, Countrymen and Women, let’s all join hands to fight the wrongdoing in our societies. I know with Almighty Allah's guidance and protection behind me, I shall dwell in all situations. Let's have effective intellectual discourse and make sure we see to the bottom of this terrible barbaric attitude of immoral teachers in our society.

Written by Prince Justice Ali: The Sentimental Advocate For Development and Director of Communications of Young Democrats Sissala East Constituency.


Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice