Coronavirus: A stark silhouette

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Sat, 23 May 2020 Source: Stephen Grant Adjorlolo, Contributor

What is the fate of our universe?

In the wake of the unsolicited attack from an inconspicuous but lethal microscopic organism Covid-19, the foundation of the world has been shaken right to its core. The whole world is standing on tentacles because Coronavirus, the infamous celebrity, has taken the spotlight. The stage has been set; all the projectors are on Coronavirus. Reluctantly, the whole world gives audience to an undesirable element.

Though this virus is decimating the human race by numbers, Interpol cannot arrest it. Covid-19 lurks in our backyards in the full glare of authorities, but helpless men stand looking to the heavens for a miracle cure.

Without granting any interviews this virus has stolen the limelight from the everyday newsmakers. For the past five months Coronavirus, whose origin the scientific world cannot exactly corner, has been in the news without advertisement.

Life as we knew it, is now taking a sinister character. Nothing will ever be the same again. This obvious truth is steadily dawning on us. Though ray of hope still shines in the hearts of earth’s inhabitants, it is too faint to chase the darkness caused by the fear of Coronavirus. Revisiting what we hold dear, compelled we are to adopt new trends. Now our reality will consist among other things of nose coverings, social distancing and the constant washing of hands.

What becomes of outdoor events such as soccer, baseball and the likes we so much love? What about theater shows or musical concerts?

Undeniably, the world is waking-up to a new reality. We may perform an act of stubbornness, continuing to behave the way we knew it, refusing to be beaten to a corner by this virus even when it means we count our loses by the hundred of thousands.

Will be that be worth it?

We cannot by any means stop living. We are here to stay until God decides to draw the curtain on us.

One of the hardest things we will be called upon to accept is the last act; death. Death has been with us since conception, yet we still find death cruel, shedding tears when people we hold dear pass away. This virus, Covid-19 has come to make death an ordinary occurrence of our existence. I guess we shall get to the point where we will witness so many deaths such that our tears will never flow for the demise of our loved ones. The tears will completely fade as the curtain falls.

As a result of the ravaging wind of this virus, the rate of deaths will become bearable and accepted as normal just like the air we breathe.

Many will go about their daily life with a forlorn expression clearly painted on their face. Each step we take will draw us closer to our last day.

Childbirth and christening ceremonies will no longer hold the joy they once did. For who would want to celebrate a new birth when a fate filled script could already be hanging in the balance? Life will no longer convey the meaning it held. Can survival be guaranteed?

Will that be the end of the human race?

I doubt that will be the case.

If history is anything to go by, I believe we will live through this as well. The human race has witnessed many calamities. Some are of natural causes while others are triggered out of man’s greed and loathing of his fellow man. Nevertheless, the human race still stands some 2000 years down the aisle.

Imbedded in man’s DNA is resilience. The sheer determination to start all over when everything is lost and everyone is beaten down. We never give up. We never give up no matter the weight under which we crawl. Our show must go on.

This virus, like many calamities from the past has come to test man’s strength and adaptability. We have not kowtowed in the past and we certainly will not go to our knees in this day and age - not to anyone and definitely not to Coronavirus.

I have faith that we surely will survive, come out stronger and more determined. My faith stems from the innocence I perceive in the eyes of my one-year old nephew - whose laughter permeates my fear and shines light into my darkened heart - whose smile is unadulterated despite the storm he faces. He is the future. My future, our future.

For the children, our future, we cannot let the spotlight go dim. Whatever it takes to keep the torch of hope aflame, we must continue to do.

2 Corinthians 4:8 We are often troubled, but not crushed; sometimes in doubt, but never in despair; We shall get through this. We will overcome.

Columnist: Stephen Grant Adjorlolo, Contributor
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