Coronavirus: Flames from the fire (poem)

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Thu, 14 May 2020 Source: Asiedu Adwoa Kyerewaa

Surprisingly, amazingly and dangerously, everything is different.

Alarmed for its own rules and alerting all to stay indoors.

Stretching its wild-wide eagled arms to the corners of the earth devastating and debilitating. Rolling over the seas, travelling across the desert to feed on others. Finally finding settlement and infesting Africa. We were told to wash hands and we’ll be fine. We were told to use sanitizer and we’ll be free. Borders wide open, travelers and revelers taking turns tripping in.

We saw it from afar…

The people shout. Danger!! Danger!! Danger!!!

Women wouldn’t wait the wail.

We all run crying and jostling each other. Old and young, Women and Children, Rich and the Ordinary. It has no regards for Religion, It pays no heed to politics.. it enters our markets to scare masked and the unmasked. And running around unmasking our health sector.

The people starved to stay away from what they feed. Others starve to stay survived. The best way to show care is to stay distant. Yet we care.

Aww...unfortunately others fall into their tombs. Those in the womb ushered into the new bloom.

Its notification rings bell across the world swallowing millions. Rendering hundreds and thousands jobless. Pushing the rests to leave home to stay isolate and in quarantine.

The count increases from ones to tens to thousands and flashing into millions. So sudden to take in but we refuse to give in.

It changes our natural phenomenon.... showing love is staying apart, we no longer shake hands as a symbol...we call it social distancing.

Everyone stayed away from loved ones to show a gesture of pure care.

People defenselessly protect themselves covering their vital sense organs rather than their sex organs.

It rushed in immediately after the valentine only to put many in quarantine. So bad to be kind in a kind world.

Politicians aggressively jostling for the remaining slots as it roars through ceasing all gatherings. Churches and mosques in hibernation as traditionalists fake around defrauding the greed out of the slim faith.

Traders cash in and go wild like stoned bulls neglecting social distancing. Then as we spent precious days and weeks for a lockdown, the numbers surge. But we needed to survive inside so we go out to graze.

WHO encouraged quarantine, washing hands, sanitizing to those who have contacts with the infected.

Wow!! Health persons go hay to stimulus packages as a sign of dedication while the rest go agog after the lockdown.

Strangely and logically the faces of our cities get pale- the greater Accra and the greater Kumasi as the capitals come under pressure from the war.

Ewuradi as3m aba...We sing all songs of worship and dirge as we swim in tears. Maybe we get hit by karma. Of which our ancestors deeds keep haunting and hitting us and with no revelation from "The Powerful" magicians and miraculous prophets of the land.

Its filthy fingers finally leaves our prophets in dilemma. For this is not just a drama because it Causes Outrageous Reduction Of Natural Accustoms and Visits Individual Rounding Universal Streets.

God Bless Ghana.

Adwoa Asiedu Kyerewaa is a second-year SHS Student of Abuakwa State College-Kibi, She spends time writing and reading. She loves to weave poems beautifully.

Columnist: Asiedu Adwoa Kyerewaa