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Coronavirus: My affirmations to the world in the time of a global pandemic

Araba Writer.jpeg Nana Araba Acolatse

We may not pray the same, but we care all the same. So today in solidarity with the World and in observance of the National Day of fasting and prayer in Ghana, at the time of a global Covid-19 pandemic, I in keeping with all faith, reason, health and social protocols, invite you to affirm with me, professing into existence all we hope to be true in the World as follows;

“We are all on the same side which I remember now more than ever. There is enough food for everyone to eat, the earth provided so. There is space on the planet for everyone to live richly, the universe made room.

Today I affirm fewer and fewer global accidents, wars and pandemics. I affirm less and less global hunger and anger.

I enjoy knowing and being a rather minutiae part of my Universe along with all other things animate and inanimate.

I have abiding faith in the future of a great world. I’m dedicated to the cause of world peace as I affirm increased good-will between countries.

I have faith in the goodness of mankind appreciating a perfect balance of yin yang in people and things.

I remember to send energy and peace to others today who have known loss and struggle. I commit to consciously giving love and positive energy to all worthy efforts in the world. As I see my brothers and sisters scattered around the globe as equal.

My world is a place of beauty.

I’m committed to making it a better place as I extend my essence of love and joy to heal the planet.

In hope, sincerity and action I join with my sisters and brothers in professions of health, caregiving, farming, teaching, parenting, philanthropy and all essential service provisions to save the world, doing however little I can to supplement their efforts. For my little part is just as important in saving others.

There is much good in seasons, suns and rains, fires, hurricanes and storms; the earth in its ways flourishes and purges at will and this I accept. Yet my frail human appeal, selfish though in its sight, for conditions suitable to the survival of my make. For this, I owe the earth a responsibility that I remember to care for the earth that is my home, taking care of my environment.

I remember to recycle and pollute less, to grow, nurture and inflict less harm on land, sea fauna, flora and ozone layer. For I care about the future of the planet, knowing my contributions to the planet are vital for its success.

This is the year better as any to overcome diseases, homelessness, poverty, corruption and the hunger challenge.

Today I send energy, hope and love to all so afflicted. When I hear a siren I affirm healing and safety for everyone involved.

My world has an abundance of love, trust and compassion so I trust the ultimate goodness of humanity. In goodness I send positive energy to influence the fervent scientific search and actions for a cure for Covid19 and all that ails the world.

I extend love to persons fighting to live through all ailments.

Since I know hate breeds hate I send love to prisoners in body and jails. And an abiding affirmation for reformations, restoration and redemption.

I join the world in sending affirmations for prosperity, for conscientious leadership, humane, ethical and accountable to all we lead. While we learn, all Countries together, that as we repair past mistakes, the world economy recovers with our improved actions daily.

I remember my place co-creating a world of equality with a new powerful loving understanding; that this way, there is opportunity for all to contribute equally when the world needs it the most.

I live in an enlightened society, one that understands actions and consequences. One that prioritizes and aspires towards love, compassion, understanding, respect, duty, scientific research, keen awareness of self, other and knowledge of the intricacies of the universe we live in; forsaking all and any others that separates all things living and non-living.

I send love to all who practice such integrity and do so in understanding that opinions, principles either same or differing are all learning points for those who hold them. For the destination is one and the same for all; that we achieve and demonstrate a higher self, capable of love, compassion in all its forms, for self, other and the universe which grants us limitless daily opportunities.

I am grateful for the realization of this beautiful world I envision and create daily with my actions.

May we live to see this so”.

F. Nana Araba Acolatse Writer/Potter/HR

Columnist: F. Nana Araba Acolatse, Contributor

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