Coronavirus fight: It’s about time the double salary NDC MPs coughed-up the monies!

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Wed, 1 Apr 2020 Source: Kwaku Badu

I always knew deep down in my heart that President Akufo-Addo is a charismatic leader with unparalleled fortitude and unbelievable foresightedness, but my conviction increased exponentially upon president aptly putting measures to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

I must also commend the vast majority of Ghanaians for their adherence to the partial lockdown in spite of the insuperable exigencies in these extraordinary times. More power to your elbow, discerning Ghanaians.

We would, however, like to state in no uncertain terms that President Akufo-Addo didn’t send any security personnel out there to maltreat offenders of the partial lockdown. But he rather directed you to deal with citizens and denizens in a civilised manner in these difficult times.

We would, therefore, like to remind the security personnel that the alleged offenders have an innate right to the presumption of innocence, and therefore no one has the right to trample upon their inalienable rights.

In fact, my biggest regret during these difficult times has to do with the heartless Members of Parliament who allegedly kept double salaries which could have been used towards the insurmountable battle against the insidious coronavirus.

The Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu was absolutely right when he once urged the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Ghana Police to investigate the NDC MPs alleged double salaries to its logical conclusion and those who are found to have indulged in any criminalities prosecuted accordingly (See: ‘Double salary’ probe: MPs must face the law – Amidu; citinewsroom.com/ghanaweb.com, 19/04/2018).

Where is the fairness when the ‘political thieves’ could shamefully dip their hands into the national purse as if there is no tomorrow and go scot free, while the goat, cassava and plantain thieves are incarcerated?

Let us be honest, if the law can excuse the suspected NDC double salary grabbing Members of Parliament from prosecution, the law might as well make room for the equally important contributors such as farmers, teachers, nurses, doctors, among others.

Why must we allow a section of the population to perpetrate alleged criminalities and then hide behind the law?

In fact, there is nothing out of the ordinary for an employee to receive double salary. This is because the pay roll managers are imperfect human beings who are susceptible to human errors.

However, it is up to the recipient of such irregular payments to come out clean and notify the appropriate quarters.

Suffice it to stress that if the alleged recipients of the double salaries refused or declined to disclose such anomalies as being alleged in the case of the NDC Members of Parliament, then such persons have questions to answer.

Given the circumstances, therefore, we should not and cannot stand accused of exhibiting risible and inborn proclivity towards the irresponsible public officials who prefer to dip their hands into the national purse as if tomorrow will never come.

Once upon a time, anyone who gained a seat in parliament was looked up to and respected by all, but alas, this is not the case anymore.

Our Members of Parliament must earn the honourable prefix/suffix by living exemplary lives and desist from desecrating our honourable parliament.

How can honourable Members of Parliament knowingly keep double salaries to the detriment of the poor and disadvantaged Ghanaians?

Going forward, we must not and cannot use the justice net to catch only the plantain, goat and cassava thieves, but we must rather spread the justice net wide to cover the remorseless criminals who are often disguised in political attire.

After all, the right antidote to curbing the unbridled sleazes and corruption is through stiff punishments, including the retrieval of all stolen monies, sale of properties and harsh prison sentences.

We hereby plead with the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Madam Gloria Akufo, that the law is not a respecter of persons, and therefore the alleged double salary NDC Members of Parliament must be investigated thoroughly and prosecute those who are found culpable of wrongdoing.

K. Badu, UK.


Columnist: Kwaku Badu