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Corruption; A rot to societal development

"In too many countries, people are deprived of their most needs and go to bed hungry every night because of corruption, while the powerful and corrupt enjoy lavish lifestyles with impunity.” José Ugaz, Chair of Transparency International .

Corruption only seeks to put the noses of the elite and influential folks at an advantage position within the societal setting to sniff the state treasury dry.This leaves the general public in a state of being paupers.Expert projections based on hard core research largely heapes the general inequality in the distribution of power and wealth in a country on corruption.

Indeed,Societal behaviour pattern the world over has bluntly shown bitter resentment towards open cases of corruption,and aftermath detrimental footprints it leaves on the societal developmental efforts.It's quite obvious to note that,the overall process of nation building is hinged largely on the rate of corruption free activities transpiring within the national economy.Severe leakages run up to millions of dollars of national liquidity due to corrupt practices orchestrated.

Every sphere of human endeavour has persistently raised a red flag against corruption.Reasons being that it has caused monumental stagnation to worldwide economic growth and liberalization efforts geared towards socioeconomic emancipation. However, World leaders are seriously caught up in the web of "resolve and break" corruption within the public domain.

Africa is a continent naturally endowed with resource's such as gold, oil ,diamond, platinum inter alia.But is being plagued with inequality and poverty.It would interest you to note that,expert projection put across by Transparency international based on corruption perception index has African countries rated the most corrupt countries out of 176 countries from the 2016 report.

Surely,this explains why African countries are caught up within the vicious cycles of poverty and worsening inequality.This further thwarted the efforts of most countries in Africa in attaining the millennium development goals of United Nations.Countries in Africa are woefully tumbled down as a result of unbearable corrupt practices according to the corruption perception index.Ghana, Nigeria, south Africa, Tanzania among a list of others are within the redlines of corruption.

Well,zeroing it down to the Ghanaian setting,the story is no different.There have indeed been inflammatory corruption,illicit financial leakages and fraudulent acts within institutions especially,public one's .Worse still,are the one's being masterminded by political office holders in the award of government contracts.

Palpable reference points to the erstwhile Mahama government which saw severe looting of state property.A phenomena which led to an incumbent government for the first time in our history being woefully bundled out of power.Particular mentions can be made of the SADA saga which saw the state losing about Ghc200 million,GEEYDA scandal-Ghc952 million,and the numerous questionable judgment debts amounting to over Ghc 656 million;the 3.6 bus branding scandal,and the unprecedented Ana's Arimeyaw Anas judiciary bribery scandal.

Well,the current government led by president William's Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo has fragrantly stated during his maiden visit as president of Ghana to Serrie Lione that,he is going to deal with corrupt officials without fear or favour. Because,corruption can jeopardize and virtually paralyse state institutions most especially, putting the country's economy in limbo.

Indeed,for us to wage a good war against corruption and cleanse the system of it,we need a collective synergistic efforts of all stakeholders in the country.There should be a total orientation of our educational system because, our politicians, civil servants and all other individuals were born out of those institutions.

Also,building strong institutions so that people would have confidence and resort to them for Justice instead of the brutal mob justice.Least I forget,there should be rigid implementation of laws related to corruption regardless of the person involved.And the establishment of anti corruption institutions to combat mischievous disappearance of funds from the public kitty.

The battle against corruption is a call on all ....


ANANPANSAH ISAAC (0200316691/ ananpansahisaac@gmail.com) Radio Univers,Legon. University of Ghana, legon

Columnist: Ananpansah Isaac