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Corruption: Democracy is the key to peace and development

Corruption is a derivative of beliefs(objective reality) in the face of quantum factor ( digital Information Physics)

Before touching on the above subject matter, I’ll like to calibrate readers thought-space dynamics with a paradigm shift information physics that describes physical (body) and non-physical(spirit/soul) in the face of quantum factor(double slit experiment) with elegant simplicity.

In face of quantum factor, reality is neither objective nor deterministic, it is statistical and probabilistic because reality is information system. It is only when a choice is made within the probability distribution that is when reality appears to be approximate objective reality.

Take for example the world was believed to be totally flat and if you dare contradict the the flatland believe and accept the spherical nature of planet earth, you can be executed. Beliefs trapped the leaders at that time and hence they became fundamentalists and could not see beyond other information available to them. As a matter of fact, the flatland concept is not false, it is true for short distances and it just an approximation of the spherical earth.

Newtonian mechanics, quantum mechanics and theory of relative are objective physics and are all subset of a big picture physics (digital information physics). Digital physics(information physics) is the key to understanding our reality. Reality have objective and subjective component. The objective is a subset of the subjective and one can say that the fountain(objective) cannot be greater the the source(subjective).

Human beings are both physical and non-physical information(data) systems with entropies . Whether one like it or not, He or She has a model(s) in the head and walking around with it. The models can be Scientific, Religious, Cultural, Political, judicial and even Health. A complex hybrid models emerges with time to game the complex societies in the form of democracies.

At the most fundamental level or at the being level, all physical matter or non-physical matter including Democracy are digital information system with Entropy in the face of quantum factor.

Entropy is measure of disorder. Information(physical or non-physical) can be organized (Low Entropy) or disorganized(High Entropy).

In information physics, disorganized information is High Entropy information system. High Entropy does bad work, bad work yields unhappiness, unhappiness breeds Fear and Fear generates war(physical and non-physical) in all aspects of our lives including Democracy. Clearly Fear is a derivative of High Entropy information system and hence a LUCIFERIAN democracy.

Fear is an end result of beliefs(Scientific,Cultural,Religion,Judicial, economic,political etc). Beliefs creates expectations, needs,wants and hence corrupt democracies all over the globe. Furthermore, Ego is a derivative of fear that have hijacked all democracies. Just close your eyes for a moment and think about all that is happening over the world and you see tons of Ego knocking down the innocent and the powerless down in the name of democracy.

Ego is about self because every decision most individuals make in every fraction of a second is about self. Groups with Egos magnifies to the nth power. To have a loving democracy we have to become love by putting ourselves in an ego reduction machine (lowering our thought-space entropy).

In information Physics, Organized or Low Entropy information does good work, good work brings happiness, happiness brings love and love brings peace in all aspects of our lives including Democracy. Clearly love is a derivative of Low Entropy information system.

Moreover Low Entropy Democracy demands leaders provide citizens with the tools in the form of infrastructure for them to do good work and by default brings happiness, love and peace.

God is Love, so clearly God (Physical or Non-physical) is a LOW ENTROPY INFORMATION SYSTEM that does good work for peace and love for mankind by constantly revealing good(organized) information that appear to be hidden because of our objective view of reality. Our true image and likeness is an organized information systems. For a corruption free and loving Democracy we have to become love (Godlike) by reorganizing our thought-space dynamics both physically or non-physically.

The spirit/soul is a self-modifying information systems that evolves (organizes) to become love and profitable (alive for ever) or de-evolves to become fearful self-distruct(die).

Low Entropy Soul is a high quality spirit that does good (profitable ) work. High quality spirit, a low entropy digital information system can travel faster than the speed of light to reach LOW ENTROPY DIGITAL GOD millions of light year away outside the universe(the creater of the universe is outside the universe). If a soul/spirit is of low quality(high entropy), it can’t acquire an escape velocity (speed of light) to move through space and time to reach the supreme architect of the universe.

Most of the time we don’t get answers to our prayers because the digital information we send, have to travel millions of light years to reach the author of creation. Because of our high entropy spirits, the answers from the supreme architect of the universe comes when are already dead and gone.

Einstein’s E=MC^2 supports my concept above. If the soul/spiritual pixels resolution embedded in C is disorganized it can’t even escape our galaxy let alone, the universe to reach the creator outside the universe. An organized spiritual pixels in C can travel faster to outside the universe to get the feedback required to do profitable work if the design intent to communicate with the creator every time we are in need.

The good news is we are created and equipped with all the tools required to become love. Christ power is the lowest threshold LOW ENTROPY information system that does the best work ( physically and non-physical) and hence love and peace that is our true image and likeness of God.

Source of corruption

It is possible that through fear, man(male) created God in his own image and likeness, a bigger version of himself with tons of Ego, that must be feared, that punishes, that kills, that help destroy one group or individual against the other etc. It is also possible that man created “God” in his image and likeness so that other people will have to go through his “connection” to God by taking bribe (corruption) from people who have worked hard to able to see or communicate with the created God?

Can you see how the middle man and leaders in all aspects of our existence, operate everywhere in the world?

Can you see the Genesis of corruption as a BELIEF that creates needs,wants and expectations in the objective reality of our society?

Just close your eyes, have your mind travel to the edge space and reflect.

The above is not a Luciferian message, please employ open-minded skepticism to believe or disbelieve to enable you come to your own well informed conclusion. Beliefs (scientific, cultural, religious, political, economic, judicial etc) can be a trap and it difficult to free yourself from it.

Pressing the paradigm shift button to reset our thought-space dynamics from beliefs to digital information physics is the key to understanding how to become love and peaceful.

Understanding information physics (marriage of science of objective and subjective) and the probabilistic nature of reality,will always help in the moment by moment monitoring of life conditions( choices ) and accept gracefully uncertainties because you can device a mechanism to minimize the risk and work hard to optimize the bad and maximize the good.

Take for example some political and religious leaders delivering fearful (disorganized information )messages cannot bring love and peace in any low entropy democracy.Human beings are information systems with input and output data. High entropy in and high entropy out. The opposite low entropy input and low entropy output is true. The concept true for any system concept.

You can not present a fearful or disorganized information and later lead with a loving or organized information for peace and development(physical or non-physical)

One can clearly see that high entropy(beliefs) Democratic systems is the foundation for Chaotic planet earth.

To have a corruption free democracy, low entropy infrastructure ( physical and non-physical information systems ) is the key. Understanding and application of digital information physics in our thought-space dynamics is the one stop turnkey for peace and development. Understanding and not just believing is the paradigm shift needed to help step to the edge of space and time to become love and peaceful to enjoy corrupt free democracy.

By: Joe Klatsi,MSc.AE

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer , Aerospace Engineer and Low Entropy information Physics Researcher.

NOTE: Next article is on a Corrupt, Height Entropy former Attorney General and Justice Minister with Tons of Ego who used the legal system to be untouchable. Is a case vs me and him. Stay tuned.

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe