Opinions Fri, 7 Nov 2014

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Corruption Everywhere: John Mahama Must Consider Resigning

Fellow Ghanaians, barely a week after the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) challenged government on the over inflated cost of Kasoa and Kwame Circle interchanges, we are faced with another set of corruption issues to battle.


Countrymen, AFAG 4 weeks ago issued a press statement on the quest of GNPC to source a $1billion loan for bizarre reasons and without parliamentary approval. Our caution was to prevent the sealing of the deal. However, the GNPC a state agency managed to source an international loan against article 181(5) against the 1992 constitution. Certainly the President and the corruption ridden AG's office knows about it. We understand they are going to use it for social infrastructure development. Very corrupt Alex Mould=------- has done it again. He must come out to tell us the reasons behind the loan and why he secured it without parliamentary approval.


Mr. Speaker, we support the renovation works in the house chamber. However it is doubtful that, such cheap materials from China would cost $20 million. The Speaker of Parliament undermining the local industry appalls us. We have very competitive and well performing furniture making companies. Mr. Speaker this decision by you is not honourable. It is an action in bad faith. Ghanaian taxpayers have paid for this cost to create jobs in China. We call on furniture workers in Ghana to rise up and fight for their right.


The action by this gentleman is disgraceful. Not long, the President chastised accountants for colluding with politicians to steal state funds. However, a brave accountant stands up to protect Ghanaians against the misuse of state funds by Ras Mubarak, and he the acting coordinator acts with impunity. We wonder why he remains in office. He is an irresponsible Ghanaian youth and must be given the sack from that sensitive office. Unless, this gentleman is there to breed more greedy and irresponsible youths for the country.


Fellow Ghanaians, you have a road Minister who comes out to accuse AFAG of lying about our accusations. We are handing over to the press today, evidence for the public to scrutinize and make a decision. We want the interchanges. We are not against those projects but our position on them is simple. The projects are well overinflated and have no value for money. The minister's position that, the costs of the project include a 73-kilometer road is proven false by documents available to us.

We challenge the minister to meet AFAG for a debate on this project if he still feels right about it. On any press platform, anyway; we are ready to point out the flaws in the content of the project. This project is not cost effective.


Ladies & gentlemen, eventually the Mills-Mahama/Mahama-Amissah Arthur administrations have sent this country into an abyss. Ghanaians are currently living in a state of hopelessness all related to the greed of NDC men, hijack of governance by party apparatchiks and hiring of largely incompetent, and greedy appointees. Additionally, this failed administration's under their tenure have supervised very expensive and highly inflated cost of contracts, inefficiencies in governmental operations and the unconscionable misuse and abuse of state resources.

AFAG campaign for you to step down has just begun. We will consider first, a petition to parliament for your impeachment. Our definitive decision will be communicated after our "Aagbe Wor "demonstration on Wednesday 12th November.

We will resist Oppressors rule!!!


Columnist: AFAG

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