Corruption Woha,Corruption Woha, Corruption Woha Poh

Sun, 13 Feb 2011 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.


By: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Before you read this, please revisit the video recording of maiden speech which was delivered by president John Evans Atta Mills, to parliament as has been posted on YOUTUBE titled Our Economy Ecomini.

It is not to create fun about the president but I want to draw your attention to something which is vital. Never mind about the president’s slip of tongue. Even a minister designate could not recite the national anthem before vetting committee members to approve of his appointment.

Watching the recording, you will realize that the president at a point made it clear that when it comes to the pronouncing of the millions in debt that the NPP left behind, he could not find a term to describe the “opipi peeee,peee,peee”.

Now what Ghanaians are asking is whether he has found any term to describe the “opipi peeee,peee,peeee,” millions that his belly dancers are chopping in the ministry of sports, ministry of health, social welfare, ministry of information and the latest ports and harbours.

Maybe, those ministries “opipi peee,peeee,peee” are just something small therefore not minding about the tax payers money which were misappropriated. What about the cash the CEPS officers were chewing grabu,grabu,grabu at the Tema Harbour?

Mr. President, first of all can you tell us whether you have been able to come out from the shock you had after Anas tape was aired? If yes then kindly tell us how you will describe the “opipi,peee,peee,peeee” that they were collecting into their pockets instead of the coffers of the state as they were tasked to do.

You see there is a proverb in Akan which says “etua woyonko ho etua duamu” to wit, when it is affecting your friend you do not care but when it is affecting you then you shout for help.

When the NPP was in power, it was said that the president Kufuor’s government was doing nothing about the perceived corruption that was engulfing the state. Every minister under the NPP government was perceived to be corrupt and was siphoning money belonging to the state into his private pockets.

It became a big issue for the NDC party to use as a propaganda tool for campaign against the then NPP government and it worked in informing the choice of the electorate voting for NDC change of government instead of retaining the NPP in power.

The NDC gurus made all to believe that it inherited huge debts the NPP left behind therefore the president saying he could not find a term to describe the “opipi peee,peee,peee” meaning the billions in debt.

That was fine. But has anybody mastered the courage to ask the president how he described the “opipi peee,peee,peee” which was spent on tea and other allowances during the transitional period by his team?

Can someone please ask the president how did he describe the “opipi peee,peee,peee” which was misappropriated by one of his belly dancers Stan Dogbe, at the ministry of information?

How will he describe the millions oh sorry the billions Customs Excise and Prevention Service [CEPS] officials stole at the harbour. We have not heard from him as far as finding a term is concern. Let us give him more time after all campaign season is here and he may use the political platform to do so. Yes here he will beat his chest by saying in fulfilling his promise of uprooting corruption he did so by interdicting the suspects, recovered part of the money and prosecuted them.

Anyway have you realized that the hawks in the NDC party for sometime now are keeping their mouths shut? Oh yes the party’s propaganda machinery broke down immediately the Auditor General’s report came out which was full of corrupt practices here and there.

A popular Ghanaian Musician came out with a song ”ebi woha,ebi woha,ebi woha poh” .If he knew this is how corruption is going to spread over the country eating deep into state departments, agencies and authorities, he would have considered the lyrics,” corruption woha, corruption woha, corruption woha poh”.

Do not worry Mr. President promised during his electioneering campaign that if the NPP said it was going to remove corruption, his government will uproot corruption. So Mr. President are you doing exactly that? Ghanaians are watching you.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.