Corruption in Ghana started under Rawlings' civilian administration from 1992 to 2000 - Part 2

Jj Rawlingsj Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 Source: Clement Sangaparee

It is true that the 31st December revolution actually brought the best out of Ghana but the subsequent administrations after the revolution refused to punish corruption starting from 1992 when Rawlings was incidentally the first President of under the Fourth Republic. When the PNDC removed the (P) and handed over power to a civilian NDC with Rawlings as President of the Republic of Ghana, corruption and extreme greed started from there as Ex-gratia Awards were given to all former PNDC Appointees starting from all PNDC members, Secretaries, (today’s Ministers) District Secretaries (MMDCE’s today) Regional and District Organizing Assistant of the CDR’s etc.

The actual cadres including the staff of the National Regional, and District Secretariats including Zonal Organizing Assistants as well as workplace CDR’s had no pesewa except Permanent Enemies form 1982 to date 2017. Thousands of the remaining surviving cadres are staying in their various family houses to date 2017 amidst insults while all the above leading former PNDC appointees including Rawlings and his wife are all living in luxuries with more than 6 family cars each. Today 2017, several people are beginning to see Rawlings from different angles after his last speech against Mahama.

Rawlings presided over corruption for 8 years as a civilian president since the 1992 Constitution finally abolished the Tribunal system that was set up to ensure the speedy trial of eases both civilian and criminal.

More than five of his ministers were investigated by CHRAJ and found wanting as they were all INDICTED. They included the later Col (rtd) EM Osei Wusu of blessed memory and the late Engineer and senior cadre – Comrade PV Obeng also of blessed memory, so what is Rawlings actually talking about President Mahama’s term in office being the most corrupt in the history of this country while sweeping his own weakness as a former civilian President in fighting corruption under the carpet – Is it not hatred that he has for Prez. Mahama.

Is he not speaking out of malice while fully supporting an inept tribal government that has been covering up extreme corruption here and there, killing innocent people here and there, attacking Judges in the Circuit Courts here and there while Rawlings of all people is now a ‘Mumu’ deaf and even dumb and can no more talk for fear of his own shadow and that of his wife and now want to use Prez. Mahama and the NDC as his punching bag? There is no way.

Take it from me – Rawlings has now met his Waterloo and will always meet his Waterloo if he does not stop his false and cheap irresponsible statements about corruption to Ghanaians and Foreigners alike which are aimed at projecting his greedy wife who organized over 2 million innocent women to join her Progressive 31st December Women’s Movement from 1982 to 2010 only to dump them in the middle of the road and used the proceeds to form her political party in 2012. Who is she deceiving? Integrity?

Whose integrity – is it that of the cadres who joined the Revolution with empty hands and ‘charlie wotes’ and returned with the same empty hands without even wearing the same ‘charlie wotes’ but with their bare feet and several Soldiers who died during the two Revolutions of June 4 and the 31st December revolutions in 1979 and 1981? Rawlings is only destroying his own legacy in Ghana.

The CDR chairman of Ghana Commercial Bank was tied to the stakes at the Teshie Military Range in 1984 and shot by firing squad – His offence was that some bank officials planned to steal money from the bank and he never reported it to the Authorities and they succeeded in stealing the money in which he was not involved and did not share the money with them too, Yes that was Rawlings’ PNDC government for you – very fearful and intimidating between 1982-1992 yet some of us passed through with excellence.

For your information, this writer was among the hardworking members of the Radical June Four Movement that was formed in June 1979 during the AFRC era that year and so, as a card bearing member of the June Four Movement, this was what we did to assist J.J. Rawlings to succeed in overthrowing the inept government of Dr. Hilla Limann on 31st December, 1981. I therefore know where the NDC as a party came from, where it is going and how it will get there, so, don’t joke with me because my pen is no respector of persons no matter who you are, except God and his son – Jesus Christ.

Here we go! If the launching of the 31st December Revolution caught popular support, it was not accidental at all. not only did June 4 cadres penetrated all work places, villages, police and military barracks, the inept government of Dr. Limann coupled with an ineffective opposition alternatives provided the appropriate conditions for that Popular Revolution on June 4 1979. We knew it was going to come because of the underground work we did by dodging the murderous Death Squad led by the Military Intelligence Operatives who were instructed to shoot and kill June Four members on sight by Lt. Col. Annor Odjidja and Dr. Nabilla, then Minister for Information and Presidential Affairs, and the Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence from March 1980 to 30th December, 1981.

Our main task was to do some education work in all the Regions and all Districts throughout Ghana which we did and oven penetrated most major market places. we even had support form Dr. Limann’s PNP Youth Wing since Dr. Limann was a dyed in the wool card bearing member of the blood soaked United party (UP) which the NPP represent today.

There was a serious power struggle between the ruling PNP party of Dr. Limann and the opposition parties led by the late Victor Owusu of the Popular Front Party (PFP) which took precedence over the welfare of the masses. We held meetings of June Four and members in the public, and in classrooms. At times, the meetings were held inside the bush secretly with the people under shady trees in order to avoid the red eyed members of the Military Intelligence right from 1980 – to 30th December, 1981. There was no tribal demarcation for injustices and exploitation. The common language that all June Four Members spoke was revolution and nothing more – the need to knock down the old structures which had permitted perpetual exploitation of the masses by a Minority Few which is now taking place today 2017 with the help of Rawlings. Why is it so? Who born Dog? Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with more fire on Rawlings.

Aluta Continua!

‘Jaanbie Iwaii’


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front




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Accra Ghana

Columnist: Clement Sangaparee