Corruption is killing Ghana’s economy more than coronavirus is doing!

ANTI CORRUPTION Corruption in Ghana is itself a Ghanaian version of a pandemic

Tue, 21 Jul 2020 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Corruption in Ghana is itself a Ghanaian version of a pandemic.

It like all attention is on the novel Coronavirus and how it’s taking lives in Ghana, leaving those Kleptomaniacs to continue with “the good work they are doing.”

Is true the Coronavirus has endangered the Ghanaian economy but what corruption is even doing during this period is more dangerous than the Coronavirus.

One must fear for Ghana after this pandemic is over.

You must be alive to hear and read the numerous news that will be in the media concerning corruption. It’s unfortunate Ghana has to fight Coronavirus first, leaving the more dangerous virus in with us- those thieves.

You must be vigilant lest the country run into economic recess after the pandemic period. It may happen so since guys who are professional thieves in suits are enriching themselves even in the face of this pandemic.

‘African eye report’- an online media in June reported that “Over the years, Ghana has lost a great fortune to corruption, and since its inception in November 2017, Corruption Watch alone has discovered 9.6 billion Ghana cedis stolen from the public purse”.

This is scarier and must scare you and me. If within a year or two 9.6 billion Ghana cedis got into the pockets of real thieves, then imagine how much will be in their custodies during this pandemic when almost all attention is on how to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Corruption in Ghana is itself a Ghanaian version of a pandemic. As the government forms committees for Coronavirus, he must form committees to take care of the Neo-Ghanaian Pandemic-CORRUPTION.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke