Djokoto’s Diary: Defending whining Sam and the indefensible placard

Bloody Widow Speoe Some MPs held placards with the inscription 'Bloody widow'

Wed, 6 Feb 2019 Source: Vincent Letsa Kobla Djokoto

Defending whining Sam

The toothless minority in Parliament are barking once more! And this time, the social democrats marched to the headquarters of the Ghana police to supposedly register their displeasure regarding the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election violence. Quite frankly, they could do with some more exercise because, as it stands, they are clearly not fit to run the next administration.

But the underlining motive behind their 2.23-kilometre trek to the police headquarters is that Sam George Nettey got bullied by hooligans. In the heat of the by-election, he was assaulted during a bellicose exchange with an alleged member of a politically affiliated criminal syndicate. Nothing serious, just toxic masculinity. Yet no one should have to take three bold and reflective steps backwards to recover from a slap, only to be met with a couple more. Truly despicable to say the least!

And to wit, Sam had the best public relations narrative after being subjected to both public ridicule and sympathy — he claims that rounds of shots were fired directly at him and yet the bullets, I guess just like most of Akufo-Addo’s policies, missed the target completely. Well, clearly Sam is much better at self-defence than the footage of him getting whipped around would have you believe.

The indefensible placard

Did anyone else notice the placard that boldly read “Bloody Widow” when the minority protested the inauguration of the newest female Member of Parliament for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, Lydia Alhassan?

This is jolly hilarious, yet utterly distasteful. Out of the wide variety of placards he could freely choose from, this what he decides to lift?

What I find funnier is that he holds it upside-down, and not right-side up; which, with all due respect, is very telling about the thought process behind this laughable protest and needless placard.

The Ghanaian political culture has always favoured doltishness. And the chess of the old guard has demonstrated that the establishment would go great lengths to bring the House of Parliament into disrepute. This afternoon they managed to reach a record low. It is time to clean up. Enough with the dirty politics.

Columnist: Vincent Letsa Kobla Djokoto