Daboussi admits to psychiatric treatment as misled fixation with Jospong triggers meaningless rants

Mon, 3 Jun 2019 Source: Bawa Mashoud

Welcome back Mr. Daboussi. It appeared you “well received” (that’s good English-to allay the doubts of those of you but so lettered), my advice in the message I sent on your birthday.

But No,No,No!! You didn’t.

In that message I wished you well and urged you to use your fiftieth birthday to reflect on your past and repent on your perpetual lies and learn to write better by reading the elementary story books of your kids-especially the ones authored by Enid Blyton, William Murray etc.

I also remember cautioning you to desist from spewing out hatred for people who are better than you so that children can learn from you.

But it appears the illiterate venom in you, clouds out your judgement and constantly drives you into an uncontrollable fit as typified in your current write up.

Make no mistake-I never sook you out. However, my distaste for ill-processed logic and the threat that fanatics such as yourself pose drew you into my radar.

How come the Lebanese mole planted by external powers on Nana Akufo-Addo’s government Fadi Daboussi need answers from Jospong about the June 3, 2015 twin fire and disasters which took many lives and properties from Ghana? I am a big fan of Fadi and I follow him closely.

However, thus new wave of futile propaganda and shameless targeting shows that the $15,000 payout he took is enough for him to disrespect families of the bereaved in that dastardly accident to satisfy his paymasters.

On June 3, 2015 I was travelling from Accra to the North when reports went rife that there was fire outbreak at the Goil Filling Station adjacent the GCB Tower at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle coupled with torrential rains which flooded the whole city claiming many lives and properties and this is what you wish to remind us Ghanaians of?

A committee was constituted to investigate the unfortunate occurrence. They, in no uncertain terms noted that a fuel leak-coupled with a carelessly lit cigarette butt, triggered the blaze.This record is easily verifiable, except to the lazy like you. How can any reasonable lettered human being-devoid of malice, conclude otherwise??

How do you blame that in JOSPONG?! Until much later that the government of Ghana under H.E. John Dramani Mahama awarded a dredging contract of the Odaw River to Jospong for two years-what was JOSPONG’s connection?! Or like the Dagarti’s say “SAA GMWINE” to wit, JOSPONG is the god of raid flooding and thunder?? Laah Humma!!!!

The two year period expired in June 2018 and the river begun silting again until February this year when H.E. Nana Addo noticed the looming disaster and renewed the contract for another two-year period- in respect of which work has begun seriously on a day and night basis.

For the past four months over 1.5 million cubic meters of waste material (debris and sand) has been dredged and evacuated that is what had created the buildup of silt-giving way for the flow of storm water.

Indeed, for the first two years the dredging that was done was done on account (just to educate you).

Does that not sound patriotic to you? If using our money to dredge the Odaw River to give way for flow of water to reduce the flooding is waste of money, then using our tax payer’s money to pay sitting allowances for boards to approve strategies developed by managers and directors is madness and even worse is paying ministers who are also MPs.

You have no idea how many ministers we pay in this country for doing nothing do you?

You make the silly claim in your baloney you call an article that “JOSPONG cannot exonerate himself from the calamities that befall Ghanaians especially at Kaneshie and John Mahama’s Circle/Dubai Interchange each time there are floods and deaths”.

It shocks me that you don’t read or you read but you don’t understand.Your Friend Majeed states that you rely on google translator to help yourself in Lebanese because it has severally been published that Accra is divided into zones for several waste management companies of which J.K Stanley is one.

It is this J.K Stanley who is responsible for the Kanashie Market area and not Jospong so look for the one to blame.

Most of the waste management jobs in Ghana are pre-financed and only a few can stand that, perhaps it is what is making Stanley unable to continue to keep Kanashie clean.

Let me also add that it is untrue that the place you described as John Mahama’s Circle/Dubai Interchange is where Zoomlion is responsible for waste collection and cleaning and if you care to know that place even though is densely populated and there is always activity, it is almost always clean.

The waste that fill the Odaw River are either brought from outside of the area or dumped inside the river by unpatriotic citizens like you at night. Let me correct myself residents like you because you are not one of us and you don’t wish us well, that is why you want us to stop dredging so that many of us will die through the floods.

Let me furthe provise you with this education that the World Bank has since 2015 revoked that debarment you and your elks like referencing and the company has since been doing business with the World Bank and others. There are no such issues of non-payment between the company with the authorities of Equatorial Guinea or Serra Leone am told so you should always verify before writing than your speculative allegations.

The phenomena of people associating business people to political parties and leaders is normal in Africa and across the globe so you are obliged to perpetrate such falsehood that JOSPONG is in bed with the NDC, but every Ghanaian is well informed that Jospong has all along been able to acquit himself so creditably that he is able to work with all members of the political divide.

He came to lime light when J. A. Kufuor was president and worked through with the late Prof. J.E.A. Mills, John Dramani Mahama which you claim is his friend and now H.E. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo so your position about Jospong’s relationship with the NDC is untenable and an imagination of a sought.

It is important that I urged you to stop misleading people with your ignorance, only people who do not read or understand simple English do not know that the drainage system in Accra is under construction. In fact, recently, the President was seen visiting ongoing works at the Accra Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Drainage Alleviation Project at Kwame Nkrumah Circle and the Drainage Construction at Kanashie so you cannot say the money government secured in 2012 has not been utilized.

The JOSPONG I know operates with an open heart and keeps relationships. He receives all with a clean heart. I suspect your desire to visit his home and step out with a duffle bag of cash failed-reason for your bitterness. Sorry, sorry, Fadi.

Even that the vulture says “it’s regular visit to Bawku market is born out of respect for the people but not meat because there is a lot of meat at Kumasi Abattoir” so people trooping his house could be that their relationships are cherished and not because of monetary benefits.

How much money will he be able to give to ministers and MPs that they will regularly visit him. You ought to be positive in your thinking Mr. Daboussi.

Columnist: Bawa Mashoud