Opinions Mon, 6 Nov 2017

Count not on her: Electing Yvonne a role model

Trust Ghanaians to continuously break your heart the classic way with our way of thinking and how we feel and think our opinions are what others need for their success.

First, KKD opined it was silly dancing to One Corner. Only for him to pen a letter in support of his son's choice in sexual partners. I must admit, I see nothing wrong in dancing to One Corner and or being Gay, but I see everything foolish in KKDs comments on the one corner dance. Trust me, I may not be qualified to call KKD a family relation, but hey, he went this way first insulting us. Isn’t it a classic irony? He left that huge log in his eye to comment on our speck. Hihi

Anyway, enough with Uncle KKD, the man who forgot it was foolishness to bonk a girl few seconds past the consensual age. Let's talk about a less interesting character. The greatest bigot of our time. It breaks my heart to talk about him, but hey, its George the self-acclaimed Ghana's best counsellor. The creature has said almost everything and ended with no reprimand. From his intrusion in people’s relationships to his absurd and reckless comments about people, I see no end in sight to what this man would do for fame.

Following Yvonne Nelson's hiatus from Social media, several theories have been built. Mainly on the premises that she was pregnant. Well if she was and have given birth, the best we could do was wish her well. Enough with the moral nonsense and crap. With virtually every tom and dicky voicing their opinions about her supposed birth, the most annoying of all seems to be George, that classic comedian of a counsellor calling Yvonne's supposed child a bastard. I think it’s not only rude, it is highly unacceptable and irresponsible to call someone a bastard and demands the highest form of reprimand.

George has over the years abused Ghanaians using the media and this nonsense needs stopping. With all apologies, no birth is a slavery of another birth. Therefore, calling one birth lesser of another is total madness. I have read an article where an ardent George follower tells us Yvonne needs condemnation because she is s role model to society. Well, that horseshit can wait. I mean if your parents are failing to set good examples for you why count on Yvonne who only portrays the thought of characters in a movie? She's got a life and is under no obligation to be a role model to your kids. I think its George, the annoying self-imposed counsellor, who needs checking since his utterances are nauseating and out of order.

In other news: Yvonne have a fine time with your supposed baby.

By the way, people won't show their babies on social media not because the babies are ugly. They may choose to not share pictures of the baby so the kids can have a normal childhood away from the prying eyes of the media.

Columnist: Ebenezer Okine