Countdown of Mahama’s Exit From the Presidency Starts Now!

Tue, 16 Jul 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

? The countdown clock to see President Mahama out of the presidency has started ticking in honest since this morning, Monday 15 July 2013. The speed and sound of the ticking clock are so scary that they have hounded Johnson Asiedu Nketiah out of his lair or hibernation. The entire NDC are wondering what the Supreme Court verdict will be. They sense an ill omen.

? The answer is simple. It is within the design of God Almighty that the "stealer Ede bii Keke" president must vacate the presidency. It does not pay to spend an entire country’s money in a bid to win elections albeit rigging. That is short-sightedness in the highest. Do you think God condones the evilness of embezzlement and stinking corruption in perpetration and perpetuation by President Mahama and his Ghanaian version of the "Arabian Ali Baba and his forty Thieves?" No!

? It is only an intellectually and economically blind President that would not currently see that Ghana is retrogressing after a period of stagnation under the late President Evans Atta Mills. If you have only six hundred guinea fowls (nkomfem) and twenty eggs and a flimsy excuse of the "nkomfem" flying to Burkina Faso to return no more to account for a capital outlay of GHC15 Million, then Ghana is indeed RETROGRESSING. President Mahama must get this simple common sense logic into his brain.

? No matter what defence the NDC Communication team, their rented press, agents and assigns put up, GOD has closed His chapter on John Mahama, declared him redundant and hence, must pack and go. The Supreme Court will affirm this within days or weeks. God is really fed up with the thievery, corruption, embezzlement, lawlessness, and the practice of hypocritical and selective justice by the NDC party and government.

? No matter the evil plots hatched by the NDC, their agents and assigns, GOD’s wish will reign supreme at the end of the day. It is His purpose to end the abuse of political incumbency in Ghana and Africa where the leaders take advantage of that to impoverish their countries through corruption, incompetence and lawlessness. They know they will rig elections to keep themselves in power therefore becoming "I don’t fear huuu" kinds of callous people.

? When Mahama is kicked out and put before the court to answer for any allegations of corruption he may be involved in, it will send a vibrating signal across the length and breadth of Africa that no-one is beyond the reach of the law and the people’s power.

? Mahama will soon be history. Unfortunately, he will go down in the history books for all bad reasons – "President Ede bii keke", "President Nkomfem" etc.

? Has GOD not already revealed some secrets to Kofi Basoah about who should be the President of Ghana?

? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson