Create "Amina Law" and "Amina Police Squad"

Mon, 8 Nov 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Problem solving requires open-minded approach, tactfulness, professionalism and

ingenuity. Close-minded approach will usually shut the door in your face thereby

compounding the precariousness of the problem meant to be resolved.

It must be noted that the police in haste to assuage the panicky prejudiced

Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, that is, President Atta Mills, quickly

declared that Amina's purported encounter was a hoax. They indignantly bundled her

off to Police cell, interrogated her on their prejudiced politicized terms, a far

cry from justice and professionalism. Anyway, their ignorance will soon come to slap

them in the face.

Amina Mohammed's whistle-blowing on the ongoing insecurity on our Ghana highways

has jerked the brains of many a Ghanaian. Haplessly have Ghanaians been bitching

about the tormenting armed robbery which is escalating by the day. President Mills

and his administration have until now displayed that callous attitude of

nonchalance and disbelief. They seem to think the allegation of the existence of

armed robbery in Ghana is just the perception of the NPP and their sympathisers of

whom Amina Mohammed is probably a principal paid agent. This is bollocks, excuse my

French. Armed robbery in Ghana is a reality but not the figment of anyone's

imagination. It is either you fight hard to eradicate it from the system, or you

allow it to gain roots and ramify as it is the case presently.

President Mills himself is made to believe that Amina's public disclosure of an

incident of armed robbery cum mass rape of which she was both a victim and a witness

is a concocted story directed at discrediting his "slow but sure" government.

Anyway, he is entitled to his opinions much the same way as the discerning public

are entitled to their judgment consequent upon which they will cast their future

votes at national elections.

If at all there was an exaggeration, there should not be a blanket rejection of the

incident. Something sinister did occur and the factual details could only be known

if the NDC did not rush to listen to their hearts but head. Once the truth is

unearthed, permanent solutions could be found to fight the pernicious ongoing armed

robbery in Ghana.

I am going to suggest that if truly there was going to be armed police officers on

our long distance coaches, buses or public transport that travel by night, they

should be specially trained. They should disguise themselves like any other ordinary

passenger whilst being vigilant, armed to the teeth, and ready to jump into action

at the slightest encounter with highway robbers of any category. This special police

force must be called "Amina Police Squad" They are there to ensure the safety and

protection of passengers against any unsuspected attacks by armed robbers or

highwaymen. This force may have come into operation as a result of the awareness

raised by Amina Mohammed for being a victim of, or, a witness of attempted armed

robbery and robbery, and mass rape though these allegations are not fully and

convincingly investigated and established as at writing.

Had it not been Amina, there wouldn't be that rumoured proposition to place armed

police officers on long distance public buses that travel by night and are

susceptible to armed robbery attacks. For this reason, it is better to name any such

police squad after her. This will motivate others in the society to be more

patriotic to inform the national security agencies of any act of perpetration of

crime they may be aware of. This will contribute immensely to ridding Ghana of


I further suggest there should be a parliamentary discussion on passing a bill of

"Amina Law" This law should seek to encourage the reporting to the appropriate

security agencies of any crimes taking place on Ghana's highways in attempt to

curtailing or eradicating such malpractices. Failure by anyone to report them if

found and proved to have had knowledge about the incident will be punished. Or at

worst, such a law if passed, could make it an offence to whistle-blow on highway

robberies with the possibility of mass rape under a highly charged politicized Ghana

where the minority political party or parties could capitalize on to vote out the

sitting government in future elections. Whichever way it goes, I deem it expedient

that a law is passed called "Amina Law"

There are known instances of my suggestions in operation in the United Kingdom and

the USA, just to mention a few. There is what is called "Sarah Law". This law

states, "Local people have a right to know sex offenders are living in their

community" It came into being as a result of a formidably relentless campaign

mounted by Sara Payne when her little daughter Sarah Payne (born on 13 October 1991)

was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered by Roy Whiting, a paedophile in July

2000. This law has saved many children from potential abuse.

"Amina Law" will not only help fight and overpower the ongoing armed robbery in

Ghana but make it a thing of the past. It will also specify how and why knowledge of

such incidents must be reported.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson