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Credibility of Rev. Obofour largely in doubt, Police to investigate him?

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Sun, 28 Jun 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

I am in two minds about Reverend Obofour. However, the evidence of his negativities is so compelling to sway me towards disliking him. Prior to seeing some of the videos on his questionable activities as were or are manifested in his church, I believed him to be a very kind and caring pastor or prophet.

It is just of recent times that I have taken interest in watching some videos on Ghana pastors and prophets preaching and prophesying vaingloriously or otherwise, to their congregation. In two of such videos, I could see Rev. Obofour financially help out a self-confessed prostitute in Kumasi and one child who was heavily deformed.

From his gesture, I began to like him, telling my wife that he could be a kind pastor or prophet, unlike the many others who continually dupe their church members and show no iota of kindness towards them. However, little did I know about his other side, of course, darker side?

Having become aware of his other videos, my trust in him as a man of God has evaporated into the thin air at the crack of the fingers. In the videos as you will see one below, I am going to discuss three of his actions which warrant that the Ghana police invite him for interrogation without delay, but immediately.

He lined up some children and gave them apples to eat during a church service. This was upon the understanding of the church members that the children were witches and wizards and that he was going to cast out the witch spirit in them. He asked the congregation to watch that after each child eating their apple, their stomach would start reacting awkwardly, an indication that the witchcraft in them would have started suffering and was ready to quit the body of the child.

Yes, when the children ate their apple, they started feeling like throwing up. Rev. Obofour then told the congregation that the witchcraft in each child has started suffering and about to leave the body of the children.

This is absolute crap and completely charlatanry, what Rev. Obofour did. He could in all probability have injected a nauseant into each apple given to the children to cause them to behave the way they did. It was not any act of the power of God upon him to cast out witchcraft from the children. It was all trickery.

One may want to know what a nauseant is. It is defined as “a medicine that induces nausea and vomiting; a medicinal drug used to evoke vomiting (especially in cases of drug overdose or poisoning).

On another video, he was seen forcibly covering the noses of some women church members with a towel to cause them to become physiologically powerless. He then pulled them by their hair on the ground to his altar.

The way he covered their noses with the towel to disable them could easily cause them to suffer asphyxia (the extreme condition caused by lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood, produced by interference with respiration or insufficient oxygen in the air; suffocation).

This action by him is criminal and again trickery. It could easily have resulted in death to the concerned church members. Dragging them by their hair on the floor with such force is very stupid not only on the part of Rev. Obofour but also, all his consenting junior pastors and church members. He was inflicting physical injuries on the affected members yet; the ignorant congregation was watching in warm concurrence.

Let me explain what the towel was all about using an experiment my class had as biology students in form four at then Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School, now Kumawu Senior High School. Our Biology Master or tutor was one Mr Gbogbo.

The experiment was about visually studying the functions of some internal organs of the body. We had to dissect a live rabbit. We first had to soak about a handful of cotton wool in chloroform and put it into a plastic transparent laboratory container. We placed the live rabbit into the container and covered it for about five minutes or so. The rabbit became motionless but could be seen breathing.

We then took it out, placed it on a laboratory table and watched while the tutor dissects it using a sharp blade and then a pair of scissors to gently cut open its chests. We could all see the heart beating, pumping blood, movement in the intestines and the contraction and expansion of the diaphragm and contraction and relaxation of the lungs. We observed this until the rabbit bled to death.

Chloroform is a clear, non-combustible, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbon with a sweet smell used for many purposes. In hospitals or elsewhere, it could be administered to patients, people or animals, in order to anaesthetize, make them unconscious or kill.

This experiment is simply to prove the point that Rev. Obofour might have applied chloroform on the towel to help sedate the women. Even by the sheer fact that he forcibly applied the towel to their nose could make the victims unconscious as explained above and lead to their death. Why did he do that, I want to know.

Is it how he could cast evil spirit out of them or take them to Heaven? This is complete nonsense and he must be questioned about his knowledge of health and safety in such church practices.

Finally, he claims to know a certain wealthy businessman in Ghana who has media houses, drinks blood and has time and patience to kill people. Who is that alleged murderer and where is he?

The Ghana police must question Rev. Obofour on who the alleged expert murderer is to fish him out for prosecution, conviction and incarceration. The Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) must investigate the “magical or miracle” apples fed to children and the oils sold at the church if they are good for human consumption.

Again, the Health and Safety Authority, if we have any in Ghana which I hope we do, must investigate what Rev. Obofour pours into the towel used to make people become unconscious and his practices of pulling people along the floor to check if they don’t adversely affect the health of those who become victims to such practices.

I dedicate this publication to all discerning Ghanaians especially, my General Science tutor (from Form 1 to 3), Mrs Peki, and Biology tutor, Mr Gbogbo (from Form 4 to 5), whether they are still alive or dead.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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