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Sat, 3 May 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ideologies are apparatuses of the mind, a frame work of thinking and organization that allows for development of rigor of thought, coherence in communication, consistency in opinion, moral and intellectual appeal in every debate. Some Youth groups full of innocent activists have come together to form the Alliance for Attacking Government (AFAG) which was formed immediately after Nana Akuffo Addo was beaten by the late Professor Mills in 2009. Another group called the “Young Patriots who are not Patriots as they claim to be, for they are all young liars and smugglers with in the violent prone NPP. When President John Dramani Mahama again beat Nana Akuffo Addo hands down after only 40days of campaigning as against Nana Addo’s 3 solid years of campaigning in 2012, the NPP candidates became dazed and completely confused to the extent that a Bogus Petition was sent to the Supreme Court and the NPP took the nation to ransom for 8 solid months before their suit was thrown out on 9th August, 2013 with the contempt it deserved. When their back was against the wall by the NDC, the Young Patriots” came out with yet another re-actionary group called: Let My Vote Count-a violent group which falsely believe that wherever the NDC wins in the various Constituencies they are NOT GENUINE but RIGGED, and wherever the NPP wins in all Constituencies they are GENUINE, and represent the voice of the people supporting their party. These unpatriotic and destructive developments have strengthened and encouraged the leaders of the NPP on its dangerous path of political insurgency as their main aim of the infamous election petition was to undermine the legitimacy of H.E. Prez John Mahama who will walk to and from the Flagstaff House until 2021 when he will handover to another NDC Presidential candidate despite the harsh economic conditions in the country.


The NPP would remain static and caged politically when the NDC finally implement the Free Senior High School policy in 2015 and they would have no campaign message as Ghanaians would forget all the economic hardships since a large chunk of our income goes into the education of our children. On the other hand, the NDC must start writing its HANDLING OVER NOTES to the “incoming NPP” if it goes back on its words by not implementing that free S.H.S in 2015. The NDC as a governing party would be signing its own death warrant if it back tracks on the free S.H.S. Any person or group of persons who would advice the President that Ghanaians would still vote for him even if he does not implement the free SHS Policy are his number one enemies who are worse than our political opponents in the violent prone NPP.


Of late, there have been several calls from some progressive journalists for me to soften my stand over a protest letter I once wrote in the Ghana web.com cautioning journalists who cull my articles and publish in their news papers to stop writing DISCLAIMERS under them. They stated that they are always interested in publishing my articles in their news papers hence their pleas through my E-MAIL AND PHONE CALLS. My response is that I still stand by what I stated in that write up because any JOURNALIST who publishes my article and write a Disclaimer underneath, that article, I will take him on because if he does not believe in the contents, he should rather write thus. Credit-Ghana web.com or write Culled from Ghana web.com. I am always fully aware of the Law of Libel before putting pen to paper and I am prepared to face the Professional Court Politicians of the NPP in any law court in Ghana and Abroad if they should dare sue me because of the articles I have written or still write since my articles are always laced with FACTS, So I per say, does not fear any NPP member when it comes to Ghana politics. I started active politics as a Young Pioneer Cadre from 1959-1966 and 80% of Ghana’s population is the youth, and my main aim is to tell them the historical truth without distorting facts E.G. Prime Minister Dr. Busia’s answer to the acute food shortage in Ghana in 1971was that he instructed his Minister of Agric to organize a match and “Hoot at Hunger. The march was organized and Progress Party members matched from Accra to Akropong-a distance of 36 miles from Accra, shouting Hunger go away, Hunger go away “Hunger never went away. This is a historical fact, so as a young journalist, if you were not born at that time and you want to publish this story, simply-Credit-Ghanaweb.com or write-Culled from Ghana web. com BUT NOT TO WRITE A DISCLAIMER UNDER NEATH MY ARTICLE AT ALL-IF YOU DO THAT, I WILL TAKE YOU ON WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR. You see, government must be supported by a people who understand what the country’s economic aims are and are willing to give out their best as I have been doing, you break with tradition and make sacrifices in accomplishing these aims.

Is anybody littering? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwaii” Alluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement