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Thu, 9 Aug 2007 Source: Bottah, Eric


Our elders have a proverb that says: The length of the frog is never exacted until its death. The same elders say that: When the bull frog emerges from under the waters to come and announce the demise of the crocodile, you do not doubt it, because they live together under the waters or river. Even more so, the wise elders say that: You do not develop muscle pulls or cramps the very day you would throw a stone successfully across the Afram and that even if you dig a hole and insert a secret into it, it would by no means germinate. Let me close with another quotation from the elders: "Epro'a, ye bete ne kankan,” to wit - we shall by no means pick up the scent as soon as a dead game begins to rot. Oh our elders, how wise are thee. Let's cut through the chase, the Americans have a saying: if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, what you are looking at, is by no means a duck. The gist of the story in front of us is this.

A Norwegian who used to work for GHACEM, a subsidiary of SCANCEM, has been taken to task by his employers for malfeasance. His defense is that, he used such monies to bribe Ghanaian top officials, principally, Nana Yaa Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and PV Obeng. That he paid such monies into secret coded accounts in Switzerland. This is not party politics. We would want to believe the Rawlingses were beyond such mortal sins, even more so when they had sat in judgment of others for comparatively minor amounts, legally acquired through banks, but gravely accused and sent through "shock and awe" firing squad, for unlawfully using their positions to acquire loans, of which loans they were paying back at the time they were killed. Say it isn't so Mr. Rawlings. When the story broke, the Rawlingses uncharacteristically opined that they would not dignify the allegations with any comment. Oh yeah, as if keeping mute would make the swirling Tsunami, that is about to engulf them just go away. Their doctor should have told them that the worst four words any patient could ever wish for himself of a spreading debilitating disease is: It Would Go Away. No it would not go away, dummies; it is going to get even hotter and thicker. It is not enough for PV Obeng to derisively dismiss the charges with the excuse that he provided consultancy services for SCANCEM. Observers would want to know what kind of services he provided. We want full disclosure and documented details, to ensure there were no underhand dealings and he did not use his position - influence - to go behind we the people and hamstrung Ghana. On top of that we would want to know what kind of services Nana Yaa Konadu also provided for SCANCEM to get the monies paid to her own coded or secret accounts in Switzerland. Oh I get it, PV Obeng provided SCANCEM the insider information on how to break through Ghanaian laws; help them acquire a monopoly, and Nana Yaa Konadu provided them with the state of mind of Chairman Probity and Accountability.

So together, Konadu and Obeng, worked from two ends to cloud the judgment of Rawlings. What is this special relationship between PV Obeng and Nana Yaa Konadu Agyeman Rawlings? Is there more than meets the eyes here? I would be eerily uncomfortable if my wife would have such "close mate" relationship with any of my male friends. Rawlings is on record to have said that he would have to be killed to reveal the shadowy friends who have been behind his newfound wealth and who have been footing all the bills for his children education and upkeep in some of the most expensive universities in the United Kingdom. Could such generous friends have included SCANCEM? And at what price? That Ghanaians paid through their noses monopolistic prices for cement? J. J. Rawlings must speak now. You see, unlike you, the present democratic dispensation, under this avowed, dyed in the skin true democrat, John Agyekum Kufour, you would not be hurried up, after a midnight kangaroo court, and sent to firing squad. Thank your stars. The best thing that ever happened to you is Kufour. If it were some other people, you know you would not be bragging, bluffing, and talking off both sides of your mouth. Stop dancing around and level with us. Did you do it or not? And whilst at it, did you guys pay any taxes on your consultancy services income? Come on Ghana's IRS, you have your job cut out for you. Go after PV Obeng, and for sure he would sing the song. This is not rocket science. J. J. Rawlings scent no, agye bibiara. Ataa Ayi nie, Rawlings nie. Talking of Attahs, why is the poodle so deafeningly quiet on this matter? Did he also use his tax expertise to help them dodge paying income taxes on the consultancy services fees earned? We would get to all of them in due course. No It Would Not Go Away. Not in your wildest dreams.

Presented by, Eric Bottah, (Alias Oyokoba) Philadelphia, PA USA

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Columnist: Bottah, Eric