Cueing Ghana Police in who possibly could have killed J. B. Danquah Adu

Sat, 13 Feb 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

There should not be any missing opportunities in tracking down the assassin of NPP MP for Abuakwah North Constituency, the late Hon. J. B. Danquah Adu. It is time for the public to volunteer information to the Ghana Police in their investigations to detect and arrest who possibly could have killed the Member of Parliament in cold blood. We should not wait for the evidential trail to be obliterated before we decide to help the police in their investigations to apprehend the killer of the Member of Parliament.

The Ghana Police MUST arrest or summon one Mugabe Massa of Moshie extraction but born in Goase. He is a radio programme presenter at Montie radio station which is owned by the Ahwoi brothers.

This man called Mugabe, recently bragged on air, but with all seriousness, that there was soon going to be a bye-election in one of the NPP Constituencies because a Member of Parliament was going to die or be killed.

Barely had he made such an audacious, although atrociously criminal statement amid calling on Moshies, Konkombas etc. to take up arms to fight Kennedy Agyepong and his tribesmen when the NPP MP of Abuakwah North Constituency, Hon. J. B. Danquah Adu, was murdered by a callous individual or individuals in the early hours of Tuesday 9th February 2016.

The deranged Mugabe who thinks his affiliation with NDC party and government has given him the licence to utter criminally-inciting words or statements, or to carry out crimes, with impunity, is in my estimation the prime suspect when one adds one and one together.

No sooner had the MP been found dead than Koku Anyidohu, the Deputy General Secretary of NDC gleefully announced that there is going to be a bye-election in Abuakwah North Constituency of which NDC will win hands down.

Was it not a political plot to eliminate the MP for reasons best known to the assassin and his employer? How many MPs are slated to be killed by Mugabe and his accomplices?

The police must arrest Mugabe. My call for his arrest as the 1st suspect in the murder of the MP is based on his own animalistic and uncivilized behaviours and pronouncements as portrayed in Ghana and on his radio programmes.

The police must not look beyond Mugabe Massa.

I appeal for any Ghanaian who has a copy of the recordings of Mugabe threatening that an NPP MP was soon going to die to put it on Whatsapp, YouTube and the other social media networks or outlets.

The world must know about the threats issued by Mugabe following which an NPP MP has indeed been killed.

The accusing fingers are pointing on Mugabe, the Ghanaian Moshie radio programme presenter.

Mugabe's bold declaration on air predicting the murder of an MP for a bye-election to be held in Ghana coupled with his plea to Moshies, Konkombas etc. to take up arms to fight as stated above, a strong case of circumstantial evidence can be built against him.

What is Circumstantial evidence? It is "Evidence not bearing directly on the fact in dispute but instead on an attendant circumstance, such as the defendant's blood type or shoe size, from which the judge or jury might infer the occurrence of the fact in dispute". In this case, his bragging about there going to be an MP killed within a matter of days for a bye-election to be held makes him a prime suspect.

MUGABE IS THE 1st SUSPECT IF NOT THE CULPRIT. The police should not miss out on this unique opportunity to grab the killer of the MP. However, the presupposing question is can the Ghana police be trusted to do a credible forensic work leading to the arrest of the assailant? Fingerprints on the ladder used and other likely traces left by the assassin could be the best indicators leading to the apprehension of the murderer if meticulous forensic job was done by the police.

The house must be cordoned off to prevent anyone, except the police forensic team, from going there in order not to contaminate any traces of evidence that might have been left by the killer.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson