AMA Boss Must Go: 10 Counts Of Contempt

Sat, 4 Feb 2012 Source: Yeboah, Ernesto

It has been reported in some news media, a press conference by the AMA during which among other things, the AMA is charging the CPP Youth and residents of Odawna/ECOMOG for contempt.

The CPP Youth Wing wish to respond accordingly; the press conference and statements issued to continue with the demolition exercises gives us our eleventh reason why the AMA boss must as a matter of urgency be sacked from his post.


11: He is showing poor leadership and diplomacy in handling a people-centered institution such as the AMA. His stubbornness to continue despite the warning from CHRAJ, and the CPP/ ECOMOG Movement and several well-meaning Ghanaians serves to prove that he is no longer fit for the position.

In the light of this, the CPP Youth Wing and the ECOMOG/OdawnaMovement for the displaced persons, hold the embattled AMA Boss for contempt on ten counts.

1. We hold him in contempt of International Laws and Conventions on Shelter and Housing of which Ghana remain a signatory.

2. We hold him in contempt of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana for the violation of fundamental human rights including economic, social and political rights.

3. We hold him in contempt of public trust and confidence reposed in him during his appointment.

4. We hold him in contempt of his own oath of office he swore to uphold during his inauguration as AMA Boss.

5. We hold him in contempt of the mission of the AMA which states clearly that the AMA is committed ‘to raise the standard of living of people in the city especially the poor, the vulnerable.

6. We hold him in contempt of the motto of our nation, Ghana which promises freedom and justice, with special emphasis on justice.

7. We hold him in contempt of human conscience and his own conscience which instructs us to deal compassionately with the poor.

8. We hold him in contempt of affected victims and displaced settlers whose poor status, he is criminalising.

9. We hold him in contempt of his own party’s manifesto which promises a different approach to solving the problems of slum dwelling. 10. And we hold him a perpetual contempt for perpetuating violence, loss of property, life, thievery, and exploitation of people whose only crime is to be on the unfortunate side of material need.

We insist on his immediately resignation, and pledge an uncompromising defiance to continue with our demonstrations just as he has vowed to continue with his demolition exercise. And he should be rest assured that we shall prevail for the “arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”.

Ernesto Yeboah

Dep. National Youth organiser (CPP) 0244 610 732

Columnist: Yeboah, Ernesto