Opinions Fri, 19 Dec 2014

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Cut the Illogic & Reduce Fuel Prices NOW

While Ghanaians continue to wallow in abject poverty, the highly mismanaged government of president Mahama continues to derail our democratic efforts by sending Ghana miles backwards. For the first time, a sitting President of an African country (President Mugabe of Zimbabwe) has taken Ghana to the cleaners. As we speak, the British government and the European Union have withheld support to Ghana on account of high levels of unprecedented corruption under president Mahama. What is left of the president is to involve himself in unnecessary international trips to enhance his tarnished reputation. Interestingly, the more he attempts to repair his image, the more his indiscipline cronies soil his parochial serving efforts. This can be confirmed by among others, the recent Ruby Adu Gyamfi cocaine saga, the indiscretion of government to fly $3.5Million to Black Star players in Brazil, and the inability to secure international loans amidst low credit rating of Ghana's economy. Under duress, the President latest move is to use state agencies for international loans such as the Ghc700 million loan been secured for the state through GNPC.

Mr. President you have failed to secure the welfare of Ghanaians. You have deepened poverty beyond the ordinary. Indeed, Ghanaians are now been oppressed by you. Very soon the extent of suppression may unveil an era of rampant use of intemperate choice of words against you. If persuasion fails to get you to do the right thing, we are afraid we of AFAG will throw away decency and say it as we feel. We will not support military coup as is feared by your security coordinator, General Nunoo Mensah but we can express and take you to the cleaners with pain and in anger.

Mr. President why has fuel prices not been reduced? How much have been recovered for the BDCs since crude oil begun declining at the beginning of 2014? In 2008 when fuel prices soared to as high as $145 per barrel and declined in December, your NDC led opposition made Ghanaians to understand it was outrageous and unthinkable. In this regard sufficient pressure was brought to bear on the Kufour led government to reduce fuel to reflect the situation. Fuel prices decreased from Ghc5.20 a gallon to Ghc3.80 a gallon. Even that you said it was not a significant decrease. Was that regime a listening one? Or yours is more sensible with an offensive and legendary 2% reduction?

Mr. President, Why have you abandoned the Automatic Adjustment Formula? If you run down TOR to enable your cronies to run OMCs and BDCs why on earth must Ghanaians be made to suffer to keep you and your allies in business?

TOR is now a ghost land; A very sad situation in the life of a company that used to be vibrant and a source of employment to hundreds of Ghanaians. Our position is clear; let the fuel prices drop now else, be responsible for the aggressive and inordinate choice of words against you. You can oppress us but you cannot suppress our expressions.


Columnist: AFAG

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