Dabbousi isn’t the originator of Mahama’s womanizing rumour

Dabboussi Fadi12 Fadi Dabboussi

Mon, 3 Oct 2016 Source: Badu, K

By K. Badu

It is never right for any individual to cast needless aspersions on the elected president of the land. So, I, for one, won’t have thrown my weight behind Fadi Dabbousi if he was the first person to broach President Mahama’s alleged extra marital affairs.

Apparently, it’s all because of sheer hypocrisy that makes some timorous souls to call a spade as some garden tool instead of its known nomenclature-spade. We must therefore adhere strictly to moral principles and boldly call ‘a spade a spade’.

In fact, it wasn’t Dabbousi who leaked President Mahama’s alleged philandering. It was rather Africawatch Steve Malory who broached President Mahama’s alleged lechery following an interview he had with the president.

In the said interview, President Mahama had this to say: “There is this notion of me being a womanizer which is certainly not true”. “I have had children outside my marriage”. “But I am at peace with my wife”. “She understands the circumstances in which it happened” said President Mahama (Daily Guide/peacefmonline.com).

The Africawatch chilling interview with President Mahama rightly generated a nationwide gossip over President Mahama’s unfaithfulness and the actual number of president’s biological children.

There were divergent figures from the vineyard news. While some vineyard branches delineated twenty three children from ten different mothers, other vineyard branches mapped nineteen children from nine separate ladies and so on.

I must admit, I would never take it lightly if anyone impugns womanizing on my person because it is extremely humiliating to have such a shameful accolade.

Moreover, womanizers are known for disrespecting women. Womanizers would pursue women passionately, have numerous children and would end up leaving the innocent children with their respective mothers’ without partaking in their upbringing.

Womanizers are indeed irresponsible and heartless. Most Ghanaian women have suffered in the hands of serial womanizers and they should never forgive a known womanizer, for such a character is extremely dangerous.

A womanizer is “an individual who pursues women lecherously or passionately”.

By inference, a womanizer is a liar. A liar is susceptible to committing robbery. And, a thief is an irreversible liar.

In practice, it would be extremely difficult for one to keep several concubines, unless the individual is a congenital liar. In other words, the womanizer would have to resort to a lot of 'propaganda' in order to have his way.

Besides, how does the individual provide all his numerous concubines with financial support if he has 'a shallow pocket'?

I am afraid the likely scenario is: the inveterate womanizer may resort to dubious practices, including corruption in order to support his income so as to feed his abhorrent habit of keeping several concubines.

Apparently, there is a correlation between womanizing and corruption. It is against this backdrop that every patriotic Ghanaian must be concerned about the womanizing innuendoes being directed at President Mahama.

It would be recalled that when President Mahama was first selected as the running mate of the then candidate the late Mills in 2008, Mr Mahama’s official curriculum vitae released at the time indicated that he had nine children. However, the CV was quickly withdrawn and replaced with a new one stating seven as the number of his biological children (Daily Guide/peacefmonline.com).

Obviously, this bizarre omission ignited the debate over the actual number of his biological children.

Some rumour mongers mischievously put the figure at twenty three, while others pegged it at nineteen children and so on.

Nevertheless, in his interview with the Africawatch, President Mahama made it clear that he Had had Children Outside his Marriage, but his Wife Understands his extra marital affairs (modernghana.com).

I don’t get President Mahama’s explanation. May be readers will help me out here. If you have had numerous children outside your marriage, what are you then?

Obviously, if one engages in extra marital affairs, such an individual could be called a womanizer.

It is, however, worrying that a section of President Mahama’s sympathisers would contend that if indeed President Mahama is indulging in extra marital affairs, it is his private matter and no one has the right to intrude into his private life.

This is where I disagree with those who hold such a fallacious view. For if anything at all, Mahama is the President of Ghana and therefore every patriotic Ghanaian has every right to be concerned with any bad name that would tarnish not only Mahama’s image, but the whole nation.

In my humble opinion, President Mahama must take steps to redeem his already tarnished image by explaining to Ghanaians and the whole world whether if it is morally right to constantly cheat his wife by keeping several women alongside his wife.

Columnist: Badu, K