Ghana's Procurement Contracts always shrouded in secrecy.

Mon, 16 Jul 2012 Source: Nyarko, Stephen

Ghana's Procurement Contracts and why they are always shrouded in secrecy.

State officials are double dealing against the State and its interests.

Folks,I woke up today thinking why Ghana does not have a Ghana Government Contracts Register with copies kept at relevant institutions, like the Presidency, Attorney Generals Office, Ministry of Finance and economic planning, relevant institutions and even at the National Archive as George Adu today revealed.

I found out that all copies of public contracts must be kept at the National Procurement Authority but my little enquiries proved there is actually no one in Ghana managing public contracts let alone putting them transparently in the public domain for all to see. The shocking thing is No one absolutely No One monitors Ghana Government Contract performance. Can you believe this? I just thought all good well meaning citizens have to start a fight back.

So I set out trying to find as much as I can regarding current and on going contracts Ghana Government Agencies have signed with Foreign companies and entities in the main, and asked myself, where do we find copies of these contracts to compare prices and see whether these contracts that our highly corrupt and THIEVING GOVERNMENT LEADERS and PUBLIC OFFICERS are signing on our behalf are indeed value for money? The emphasis is VALUE FOR MONEY?

I was surprised at some of the information I came across and I wish to share. I do not think in this globalised world that we operate in these highly corrupt public officers executing and signing these contracts on behalf of the nation know what they are doing.

Our Parliamentarians have become toothless and a disgrace anyway.

Whilst Anecdotal evidence suggests these people are nothing but criminals burnt on fleecing our poor nation we must find other means of stopping this canker for the sake of our children, family members and yet unborn.

Where can we find copies of these contracts to interrogate their integrity? Any one knows?

It is in all our interests to make these contracts publicly available if we are to stop the rot and moral crisis in Ghanaian Leadership. Its affecting all of us and our families. Just see a few links below You all remember the STX Deal and the noise we all made about it . Did they listen? No because they were creating an opportunity to steal more from the poor Ghanaian tax payer like me and you.STXhttp://neftegaz.ru/en/news/view/95219

Contract to supply patrol boats to Ghana Ports and Harbours Authourityhttp://navaltoday.com/2012/04/26/maritime-partner-announces-contract-with-ghana-ports-harbours-authority/

$200 million Dollars Contract with Israeli Company DHV, Registered in Holland to build Fishing Harbours in Ghana, Recycled from NPP Regimehttp://www.ship-technology.com/news/newsdhv-to-build-eleven-fishing-ports-in-ghana/

$680million Dollar Contract for Light Air Transport Planes for Military and Civilian use in Ghanahttp://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/C-27J-Spartans-for-Ghana-05786/

Eltel's Euro 17million Euro Super Contract to build Navigation systems http://www.eltelnetworks.com/en/Finland/News/Eltels-experience-in-Ghana-wins-a-super-contract/

Ghana & China sign $15billion Dollars worth of Contracts.http://www.sinodefenceforum.com/members-club-room/china-signs-50-billion-u-s-dollars-oil-projects-month-3-5041.html

Ghana signs Building and Procurement Contract China Geo Engineering Grouphttp://china-africa-jinghao.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/overthrowing-stereotype-of-chinese.html

$10million Ghana Maintenance Contract for Power Stations in Ghanahttp://www.ansaldothomassen.com/news/ghana-charity-project-27-02-2012/

Another $18million dollar Ghana power contract goes to an Indian Company http://www.topnews.in/law/ghana-wants-indian-projects-employ-local-people-286274

$44Million Dollar Contract between Ghana Government and companies to publish Atlases for schools?http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=231458

50 Million Contract with French Company to Rehabilitate Kpong Dam, Ghanahttp://www.afd.fr/cache/bypass/lang/en/home/pays/afrique/geo-afr/ghana/ctnscroll_ActualitesList/6_12

Ghana Government contracts 1Bn dollar loans for oil and gas sectorshttp://www.ghanatoghana.com/Ghanahomepage/ghana-government-contracts-1b-loans-to-improve-oil-and-gas-sectors

Another Possible Ghana Government Contract Proposed $3 billlion Dollar Loan Facility from Chinese Companyhttp://www.dredgingtoday.com/2012/04/16/ghana-cccc-to-invest-in-harbours-expansion/

Since our President and Parliament have no opinion on these issues, We must deal with these Contracts and Judgement debt wahala being perpetrated on us by our clueless leaders. I shall add more later.

Good DayRegards

Columnist: Nyarko, Stephen

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