Opinions Tue, 17 Jul 2012

Thank You! The Honorable Martin Amidu.

The Epitome Of Patriotism, Thank You! The Honorable Martin Amidu.

The prevailing endemic social-construct in Ghana whereby some people are capable of closing their minds and eyes to defend the indefensible depicts a people who are dead in spirit and soul. In fact, they are the living dead, and such people are incapable of entertaining any flowering-spirit criticism, and they perceive such criticism as an attack on their non-existing personalities. Some people who have been entrusted with responsible positions to bring the meaning of Independence to bear on the masses in Ghana are seeking for alien interests and lick the crumbs that fall under the table at the detriment of Mother Ghana, The black Star Of Africa. There is no sense of patriotism left in these soul-extinct people and this stems from the proliferation of alien religiosity in the form of the prevailing Christian and Islamic cosmologies which has failed Ghana and Africa as a whole. These soul extinct people in responsible positions attend religious services in their respective communities but there is no love of God or Allah, Family, Community, and the Nation in them.

The only Reality that will awake them from their slumber is the Curse of Tutu Ankema, who the modern Egyptologist erroneously call, Tutankhamen. For those who care to know more about the Curse of Tutankhamen are directed to read, " Freemasonry of The Ancient Egyptians", by Manly P. Hall. You are the ancient Egyptians and all the Bantu languages south of the Sahara stem from the hieroglyphics. This writer insists that the cultural practices such as embalmment of the departed king was brought from the Nile Valley and symbols such as Adinkra signs come from the hieroglyphic symbols, ideograms. You brought them with you when you were driven out from the Nile Valley by the Greeks, Romans, Persians and the Arabs. For example, the Akuaba which is the symbol for fertility, life has the same ideogram in the hieroglyphic represented by the Ankh.

The Curse of Tutankhamen still has its potency today and that is what will save Africa. Our cosmology will restore our sanity and thrust us into cultural, scientific, and economic emancipation to become a developed nation that will compel us to seek the interest of our own people and not the interest of alien people, as the whole Attorney Generals Department is now doing in Ghana by making non-existing debt- judgement payments to serve alien interests with the help of some judges.

The people who are working at the Attorney Generals Department and some judges who have sworn an oath to serve the interest of Mother Ghana, The Black Star of Africa are serving alien interests and licking crumbs that have fallen on the floor at the detriment of the Unborn, The Living, and the departed Ghanaians. The whole Attorney - General Department is reduced to conniving with alien interests with the help of some judges in milking Mother Ghana to death in the form of payment of non-existing judgement debts It is imperative that the current administration takes the immediate action to authorize high- powered investigative body to investigate all judgement payments from the PNDC era to the present and those who are found to be guilty must be made to pay back to the coffers of the Government and they must also receive very stiff imprisonment terms. There have been several demonstrations by Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Students, and may other workers crying for sustainable incomes to live as human Beings and the perennial response from the Government is, " we do not have money". We the Flowering-Spirit Advocates do not accept such lame excuse; one insidious judgement debt-payment alone made to CP contractors with the help of a judge has contributed to the untimely deaths of many Ghanaians. The amount involved could have paid the salaries of doctors for one year and stock our hospitals' pharmacies with some vital drugs for one year if lawyers at the Attorney-General Department would have stopped doling out our hard-earned dollars to alien interests and licked the crumbs under the table.

This writer is appealing to the conscience of President Arthur Mills to terminate the appointment of the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, and the Solicitor General immediately and hand them over for prosecution. It does not take a Doctorate in Jurisprudence to draw a reasonable conclusion without doubt that the Deputy Attorney General and the Solicitor General have connived with alien interests to dupe Mother Ghana.

Mother Ghana is a rich country and we do not need dole-out from any other country to support our yearly budgets as human beings. We need investors as a country but not draconian loans as people endowed with abundant resources by the Cosmic Energy. The soul extinct among us will only be saved by the Curse of Tutankhamen and they will have the choice to choose life.May the Cosmic Energy Bless Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, Mdiv.

Staten Island, New York.

Columnist: Obeng-Aduasare, Yaw