Dampare must stop state-sponsored media destroying Ghana, not people criticizing Akufo Addo

George Akuffo Dampare IGP12121 IGP, Dr Akuffo Dampare

Fri, 18 Nov 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Everything would make perfect sense, and it would even be beneficial for Ghana, considering that journalists are joining forces to solve the problems that are bringing our beloved country down.

Unfortunately, government-sponsored journalists and tribal radio stations continue to spread political propaganda while simultaneously manipulating the public's conscience, which has led to a higher level of corruption in Ghana.

Government-sponsored journalists or appointed media figures, such as tribal radio stations working for the current NPP administration, do not adhere to the rules governing journalism; instead, they continue to break the law by endorsing Nana Akufo Addo's crimes while falsely accusing those who engage in responsible journalism of manipulating the news to suit their whims and interests.

While some media outlets in Ghana are funded by the government there, they have been unable to address the issues the nation is facing because doing so would put President Nana Akufo Addo at risk. The question is why, to get money or satisfy your hunger, you would jeopardize your integrity by acting improperly to serve the interests of the country and going against what journalism demands of you.

Paul Adom-Otchere is one of these journalists; he continues to support the president's every crime, twists his lies, and allows political crimes to go unpunished while promoting his awful leadership.

Defending the president's alleged extramarital relationship with a Ghanaian-Canadian nurse is one instance. Paul Adom-Otchere never thought there was anything wrong with it, despite the pain the woman went through after being stopped at gunpoint.

On his television program, he asserted that the woman has heard that many Ghanaian women own homes in some of Accra's most picturesque neighborhoods, such as Cantonment and the Airport Residential Area; as a result, she has a dream of owning one but is unable to do so because the president must protect the public's finances. What a moron! Paul Adom-Octhere describes himself as a journalist, right? He's not one, and I'll always think of him as Ghana's worst journalist.

It is incredibly stupid of the Ghana Police to arrest anyone who opposes Akufo Addo rather than the corrupt media who are wrecking the country. The NPP government's tactics to intimidate critics in the nation are neither professional nor appropriate because they serve simply to express their displeasure with the administration.

Didn't the president declare Mahama incompetent and request that he should resign because poor leadership was to blame for the Cedi's drop to 3.72 to the dollar? So why is Akufo Addo pursuing his detractors rather than the media who are pushing crime and corruption in his government? Akufo Addo thinks he has the power to harm the vulnerable, but he is sensitive and unable to take criticism.

Akufo Addo misled Ghanaians, and as a result, nothing in the country is operating normally. He has embarrassed himself by appearing to have failed in every endeavor, including his pledges to reduce taxes and protect the public's finances.

While the nation suffers major economic issues, this president is obstinate and never listens to anyone. He has misappropriated taxpayer money for both government and private activities. However, anyone who speaks out against him will be detained by the police.

Nobody forced Akufo Addo to be president, so he must swallow his pride and accept criticism if it is due to his incompetence. Mahama was insulted worse by Ghanaians than by him, yet the former president of that country didn't detain those involved. It demonstrates what a despot Akufo Addo is.

The president is facing several challenges, yet it appears that he is unconcerned with the nation's current state of affairs. He is rather arresting his critics rather than apologizing to Ghanaians.

The journalists Akufo Addo hired must be arrested, notably Paul Adom-Otchere because they have destroyed Ghana. Arresting his critics is the most foolish thing that could occur to someone who finds nothing exciting about this dictatorship. The Ghanaian police are holding civilians for criticizing the president because the country's legal system is corrupt. If the law is to operate in Ghana, persons who have been detained by the police would have the right to sue them and receive a sizeable settlement. This is police harassment.

I'm pleading with the Ghanaian police to cease detaining or arresting anyone who opposes the president, as doing so is against the law. They're free to express their criticism of the president. In Ghanaian society, when a child insults an adult, they claim that he lacks respect for the elders, yet these elderly are thieves and crooks, so they don't deserve any. Their immoral behavior is harming the populace; hence Akufo Addo must resign if he can't handle any criticism from the people.

Columnist: Joel Savage