Danquah/Busia (UP) Tradition verses Nkrumah’s CPP

Thu, 1 Dec 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Danquah/Busia (UP) Tradition verses Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP in Ghana – 1951 – 1966

Ghanaians have always prided themselves as being a peace loving and cultured people to whom violence and bloodletting is an aberration. However, violence, tribalism, greed and bloodletting was the norm of the Danquah (Busia tradition whenever they lost general elections to Dr.Nkrumah’s CPP. It happened in 1951, 1954 and 1956 and all these elections were conducted by our British Colonial masters. Having been thrashed soundly by Dr. Nkrumah’s grass root CPP in the elections, Dr.Danquah and Busia travelled several times to the United States of America and informed the US President, General Dwight Eisenhower and pleaded with him not to give ANY LOAN to Dr. Nkrumah to enable him construct the Akosombo dam. That was in 1958 just one year after Ghana’s independence in 1957. Dr. Nkrumah was only looking for a $70 million loan, but the United States refused just because of what the embittered Danquah and Busia told them, and so, Dr.Nkrumah looked for a loan and found none.

Now, while the U.S. government would not give Ghana a loan of $ 70 million, in 1958, to build the Akosombo Dam in 1958 because of these two nation wreckers, it gave Taiwan $ 81.6 million FOR FREE. For the next four good years 1959-1962 that Nkrumah sought frantically for a loan. America continued giving huge loans to Taiwan and by 1962, a total of $471.7 million was given to Taiwan alone FOR FREE. Imagine how many Dams that Nkrumah would have built in Ghana with that kindof money but Drs. Danquah/ Busia went and destroyed everything just because they were rejected by Ghanaians in the three general elections. Therefore, Nkrumah’s original concept of an integrated industrial project was killed by Dr. Busia and Danquah in 1958. Later, the British government and Kaiser a private Aluminium company helped Nkrumah with only ?35 million pounds which was added to Ghana’s own Internal Generated Funds to finally build the Akosombo dam. The rest of the projects were abandoned for lack of funds. However before the Akosombo Dam was completed, Kaiser was already planning by February 1964 to overthrow Dr. Nkrumah’s government with the help of the British and U.S governments and that bloody coup took place two years later on 24th Feb- 1966 because Nkrumah’s socialist government was NOT ACCEPTABLE TO Britain and the U.S government. Then came the so-called National Liberation Council, a throw back to the murderous and tribal movement that was called the “National Liberation Movement (NLM) or “Mate-meho” that was fighting for Federalism on a narrow tribal front. They however liberated nobody but themselves when they sold all the viable State Corporations to the Americans and themselves nation wide. Even without the American loan, Dr. Nkrumah was able to build over 60 huge factories in Ghana. Dear reader, you just imagine what Ghana might have been if America and the developed countries had helped Nkrumah with such loans, Therefore those politicians who crippled Ghana are persons from the Danquah Busia tradition which the NPP represent today, so what are they now talking about? SATANIC TONGUES OF TERROR?

A total of 4 million innocent men , women and children died in the D.R Congo before their second general elections this year 2011.

There is a VAST DIFFERENCE between Prez. Mills and Nana Akuffo Addo because we have a MORE NICE GENTLEMAN and a HOT HEADED STUBBORN Opposition Leader who believes in violence, tribalism and gutter politics since 1992 to date. With his swanky talks, Nana Addo falsely believe that he is more important and Iarger than Ghanaians. NPP members should know that it is not two much Threats of War, Blood shed and Intimidations that makes opposition effective. What did their Presidential Candidate mean by saying that “we showed a little violence at the Atiwa bye-election?The NPP must take Mills’ huminity and meekness to mean that he is a very week and soft president, he has been sworn into office to run the country and the buck stops at his table until 2017, when he will hand over to another NDC Candidate AT ALL COST.

Mac- Manu stated that they will arm NPP supporters in 2012 to enable Nana Akufo Addo win that election. Is he sick or what? Doesn’t he know that the NDC was born out of a no nonsense revolution with its Founder still very fit, very active in polities? We know that the Danquah /Busia tration crippled Ghana. We know that the Danquah/Busia tradition is the originator of political violence in Ghana and the current NPP represent these violent tribal tradition in Ghana, SO LET THEM BRING IT ON and we shall see who is who in Ghana. They would end up being the curse corpses in this country as Kennedy Agyapong, the loose talking MP is also predicting a Rwandan style Civil War in Ghana. Let them dare it. “Jaanbie Iwaii”. Aluta Continua




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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement