Dead Goat? I beg your pardon!!!

Sat, 14 Mar 2015 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi

By Fadi Dabbousi

The saddest moment in my life came when I heard Mr President claim that he is a Dead Goat. I beg your pardon, Sir, come again!!!

In an era where travesty is commonplace and reason has been taken over by the haplessness of shallow thinkers, it remains a shock that the presidency is being defiled by “The Dead Goat Syndrome”. This is an insult to the Presidency of gargantuan measure but more a direct attack on the dignity of Ghanaians. It is said that leadership is the reflection of the people and if the Ghanaian President can refer to himself as such or draw such similitude then he is implying that he is ruling over a nation of goats. That is another premise for impeachment.

Mr President, you are disgracing us!

How would the dollar be fixed now that it stands at GHs 3.75 as is peddled in town? How can a meagre IMF bailout that is insufficient to clear a back log of debt to local contractors bring benefit to this tattered and torn nation, Ghana, and you hail this erroneous move? How can we as a nation consolidate our efforts at emerging from such deepening crisis when we have a proverbial dead goat at the helm of affairs?

How can such a fine man reduce himself to this level of ridicule when a whole nation looks up to leadership for guidance? Ghanaians deserve better! They deserve better quality education in proper schools rather than those under trees! Ghanaians deserve fulfilled promises that have never materialised since the advent of this failed regime of gross incompetence and neglect of our rights to decent living.

People manning the various arms of government seem to be enjoying the spoils of their booty having laid hands on the coffers, misappropriating moneys meant for the welfare of the nation.

It is no wonder that with a “DEAD GOAT SYNDROME”, the National Health Insurance Scheme is in total shambles; it is no wonder that the electricity company of Ghana has collapsed; it is no wonder that hospitals are not performing; it is no wonder that corruption has gnawed at the knit and fabric of our society that nothing works without greasing hands; it is no wonder that the currency is falling freely like a meteor towards earth; it is no wonder that prostitution is on the rise; it is no wonder that people are drinking more poisonous Akpeteshie (a local drink with over 60% alcohol content) to forget their woes; it is no wonder that robberies and suicides are on a frightening rise; it is no wonder that we are suffering beyond redemption.

And it is no wonder that government officials nailed for corruption are walking freely with impunity.

Fellow Ghanaians, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his able vice, Dr Mahamaudu Bawumia, are well placed to deliver us from the sins of Dead Goats, especially a regime headed by someone likening himself to one with a fatal Goat Syndrome.

Vote for Ghana, vote for NPP.


Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi