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Dear Jean Adukwei Mensa

Jean Mensah 480x375 1.jpeg Jean Adukwei Mensa, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission

Fri, 21 May 2021 Source: Eric Ziem Bibiebome

I write to tell you that my love for you has faded away and I no longer wish to be in a relationship with you. Please note that this decision is not an impulsive one but I have very well thought through it. You were always my priority and I always made sure I served you with all heart, body, mind, and soul.

I have served you in different capacities as an Electoral Commission Temporal Officer. I put my life on the line for you but it tears me apart to see how little significance you have for me.

Please be reminded that my work as a Temporal Officer is as important as your work as the EC Chair. We both complement each other in making sure that elections are free and fair and all voters have confidence in the system. During the 2020 elections, You were there and I was here.

Just like you, I also had the responsibility of managing election process drama by the real voters and party people. Unlike you who was sweating under AC in the main EC headquarters, I was sweating under the hot sun while trying to control some uninformed and naïve polling/party agents who were a thorn in my flesh and other EC officials.

Some of these people, obviously, were a danger to the whole electoral process but I managed them without fear of danger to my life. Whilst you, Jane, had the EC headquarters entirely guarded by fully armed security persons, I, together with a Prison Officer, had to control a charged crowd who sometimes went to the extent of insulting my dead parents and unborn children.

I was not beaten, but I know of colleagues who were threatened, embarrassed and beaten. So you see Jean, just like you, I also experienced the ugly side of the 2020 elections, maybe more.

I thought our relationship was a give-and-take, but I was wrong. I don’t think you ever took into consideration my feelings when you made decisions for us. You proudly blew your own trumpet when you told the whole world on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, how you have saved our dear country a whopping sum of $90 million (that is GHS522 million).

My question to you Jane is, how much of that amount is mine? Months after working with, you are yet to give me a pesewa but you are out there talking about savings. Are you that godly person you made me believe and I fell in love with you? Is that what your love for God teaches you?

I thought we would be together forever but then things changed; you changed. I have tried to think of reasons why our relationship should work but I am sorry…… I think it is time that we ended this relationship. I am gone with my years of experience and you are the one to blame.

Your Election 2020 Partner,

Eric Ziem

Columnist: Eric Ziem Bibiebome