Desert Birds Also Eat, So Cadres Must Fight On.

Fri, 24 Sep 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The current state of the NDC, which have been divided and hijacked by a small selfish and greedy clique who does not want others to also operate to ensure the realization of the “Better Ghana Agenda” does not mean that those who really believe in the Rawlings ideology must break away and form a New Party in Ghana.

It is a fact that these self seeking political opportunists who have hijacked the party Now regard all cadres as the ENEMIES WITHIN THE PARTY, so the solution to the problem is NOT to leave the NDC and form a NEW Party but we must RATHER re-organize properly and fight back and use the very EXPERIENCE that we once used to support Jerry Rawlings from 1982-1992 and from 1992 to the year 2000 by exposing all those greedy party executive members in all the constituencies nationwide, tell the branch executives the truth at all times and ENSURE that President Mills completes his 8 year term of office since he rightly deserve it because he has suffered 3 good times and was even written off by the NPP and its bias media men and women as a FAILED POLITICIAN in this country. The hopes of Ghanaians have not been DASHED by the Mills administration as the NPP falsely believes because the president has a 4 year mandate and NOT a 2 year mandate which is NOT yet complete. Now that Ex-president Rawlings has come out openly to DISTANCE himself from the so-called Real Democratic Patriots Party (RDPP) all true admirers of Rawlings must leave that party. All true lovers of the NDC must leave that party. All true supporters of President Mills must leave that party. We must all chase our detractors with the TRUTH and they will all ran away and leave their sandals behind, because they hate the cadres – Dissolve the (RDPP) and rejoin the NDC now.

President Mills is not God to be present all over the country always that is the main reason why he has appointed District and Municipal Chief Executives who are representing him and they are the first line of contact. Several cadres are being sidelined, ill-treated and even framed up to be indulging in subversive activities against the party by MCE’s and Constituency Executives which turned out to be false. This writer has even become a victim of such wicked and evil machinations by the entire Constituency Executives and my own MCE in Obuasi which turned out to be false and it all fell flat on their faces BUT I am serving the NDC as a party and NOT greedy individuals like them whose stock – in – trade is to always deceive and lie to the branch executives by always blaming CADRES to excuse themselves. Do you know what, dear reader?

The whole affair ended at the National Security outfit in Accra where it turned out that I am always pointing out their mistakes to them and they becomes ANGRY hence their plot to fabricate lies and frame me up and finally get me out from the NDC – when I submitted the written facts, correspondents between me and the Constituency Chairman, the MCE, the Regional chairman of the NDC and the Regional Minister to the National Security outfit – Nothing incriminating was found and 1 returned to Obuasi – a free man – still in the NDC and I will remain there till I die. Having failed to Nail me, the entire Constituency Executives again ganged up with the MCE and swore that I will NEVER be given any job to do throughout the tenure of President Mills. I am NOT worried at all, I do not fear them at all because Desert Birds Also Eat and Drink daily they are NOT Pres. Mills. All those who claim to be forming the new RDPP in the Brong Ahafo Region must come back to the NDC no mater their bitterness in the party. You must all remember that all those later day saints calling themselves Constituency Executives who have been destroying cadres in the party are all big time opportunists who can not see anything beyond their stomachs. Where were they when we were organizing the District Assemblies in Ghana in 1987?

Where were they when cadres were NOT given Ex-gratia awards from 1982 – 1992 and from 1996 – 2000 and yet we still remained in the NDC up to date 2010? These Constituency opportunists and their MCE’s and DCE’s would all leave the NDC when we lose power leaving the cadre behind, so please come back to the NDC if you really believe in Rawlings and whatever he stands for. This writer is a June 4 cadre, a CDR cadre and a Constituency floor member in Obuasi who was denied the chance of becoming a government appointee to the Obuasi Municipal Assembly by the MCE and the Constituency Chairman whist a start illiterate woman was appointed to the Assembly by the MCE and the party chairman.

They always want people they can control and such people must be their Yes men and women. I am NOT one but a dynamic no-nonsense organizer of the United Cadres Front in Obuasi and should have been an automatic appointee to the Assembly as well as an automatic Executive member in the Obuasi Constituency – All THESE, the MCE and the Constituency Chairman stated that I contested the current MCE as a parliamentary Candidate in 2007 but stepped down and supported him until he lost – so it is a crime on my part for even attempting to contest him in 2007. Is the NDC party their personal property? I have been writing articles to the media in defense of the erstwhile PNDC as far back as 1984, but these greedy Constituency Executives and the MCE are saying that it is a crime for me to always write to the media and because of that, I should not be a member of the Constituency executive. I call their bluff and to hell with their bogus executive position which they stole because none of them paid their nomination fees but contested the election un-opposed and their cases are pending at the Kumasi High Court yet I am still in the NDC because I saw them all coming into the party in Obuasi. Dissolve the RDPP if you really love Rawlings.

Cadres must be fair and firm in exposing the rot within the NDC and avoid fabricating lies against government appointees and constituency executives who are Honest and transparent but if they observe wrong doings in the party, cadres must not condone it but speak out against it no matter who is involved in that wrong doing because so much water has passed under the bridge, so we must do what the masses want and NOT what some few party executives and some government appointees want in this country. We must stand up for the truth and transparency at all times and be prepared to go hungry for spreaking the truth as we did from 1982 – 1992 up to 2000, rather than to tell lies and destroy innocent party members in order to fill our stomachs – cadres have not been trained that way at all, so stand up in defence of Probity and Accountability, Honesty, Fearlessness and Patriotism and by so doing, President Mills and Vice President John Mahama will Never Turn their backs on you at all since you are Helping Build a Better Ghana – so keep it up, but dissolve the RDPP at Sunyani because if you decide to form that New Political Party out of the NDC, the opposition NPP media men and women would help you to dismantle and destroy your own NDC as a vibrant party and we shall all be the losers. Comrades, kindly heed my rich advice and dismantle the (RDPP) in the Brong Ahafo Region and then fall back in line and fight the NDC cause for total victory over the NPP in 2012. Are you aware that you are been aided by the NPP to destroy the NDC for Nana Akuffo addo to walk easily and become a President without sweat? Never give up, comrades just fall in line.

If you are sick and you don’t go to the hospital to see your doctor, how will he know that you are sick? Remain in the NDC and let us expose members of the so-called New NDC whose general behavior is rather making the government un-popular and NOT CADRES. These New NDC members engage in lies, deceit, shady deals, greed, intolerance, back biting and non-transparency in the various constituencies with the full backing of their DCE’s and MCE’s and all petitions to the Regional Executive Committees about their activities falls on death ears but it does not mean that you should break away to form a new party, you must remain in the NDC Party.

Keep your fingers crossed I shall be back with a RICH ADVICE to those NDC defectors who are playing into the hands of the NPP.

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement