Developing a Thick Skin or Being a Dead Goat – The Value is the Same!

Sat, 5 Sep 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Supper: Asa, have you heard the news bandying about in Ghana for the past few months, if not years?

Asa: No. What is it regarding?

Supper: So have you not heard that a traditional Overlord has claimed to have developed a thick hippopotamus skin in his public life?

Asa: No, I haven't. But what does he mean by that? Can a human being develop a hippopotamus skin? Then they must be a witch or a superhuman.

Supper: Asa, stop being naive. It is not about physically having a hippopotamus skin but sarcastically alleging that he does not care if people insult him. To him, insulting him is like pouring water over an overturned calabash. The water quickly drains away as quickly as you pour it on the overturned calabash.

Asa: Many thanks for educating me. However, who is that Overlord? Why is he saying he doesn't care about what people say about him, whether good or bad? Is he a serious person who commands any respect at all? Does he have any demonstrable integrity, by the way?

Supper: I am not going to mention him to you. Just conduct your own little investigation and you will know who he is. He is the one who harvests from where he has not sown. He thinks he possesses an inalienable right to do what he wants when he wants without any court in Ghana able to review the decisions he takes no matter how irresponsible they may be. As Ghana is currently a democracy, he still thinks to be living in the era of Absolute Monarchy of the 1700s.

Asa: Is he not the person alleged to have induced some Supreme Court judges to decide Election 2012 petition filed by some party in favour of his "Yentie obiara" buddy? I think he must be, because he is the one noted for selling lands belonging to other Divisions within Asanteman contrary to conventions. Who else could the person be if it is not the one I think he is?

Supper: I am not going to tell you who he is. But he is losing respect at an unprecedentedly fast pace. He is insatiably greedy. To him, "yere nnom nnsa a, wo se shirt". He cares more about acquiring wealth and material possession than to protecting his good name. To hell with a good name, he may tell you. Money comes before everything. With money, you can control everybody. Money comes with power and with power, you can command for your wishes to be performed at the crack of the finger! You can order for a stool or a throne to be taken away from the true royals to be given to ineligible persons of your choice.

Asa: Anyway, why did the President of Ghana say he is a "dead goat", and that dead goats don't fear knife?

Supper: Are you the only stranger in Israel? Do you not know he has been misusing Ghana's money to the benefit of only a few people; his cronies and family members, at the expense of the Ghanaian masses? Many people are bemoaning his lack of concern about the welfare of Ghanaians. He is so callous. Corruption has clouded his intelligence to govern in a manner acceptable to all. Instead of being a father for all, he is only a father for a few. Instead of managing the country properly, the only satisfactory means by which he can genuinely be accorded a second term in office, he is rather governing anyhow, irresponsibly of course, but collusively working to win Election 2016. As vividly incompetent and clueless as he is, he is full of confidence to win the election.

Asa: Tweaaaa! Who in his right senses will vote for him again? He who votes for him will be as clueless, unfeeling, and greedy and a nation wrecker who walks with his stomach same as the figurative "dead goat" does. A dead goat is only good for the refuse dump if it succumbed to death by disease. On the other hand, it is good for preparing delicious meals with, but not to govern a nation. His place is not at the presidency but elsewhere. Everything on the ground confirms his uselessness at the presidency.

Supper: Is it not mysterious that these two persons, "Dead Goat" and "Hippo Skin" are inseparable buddies? The more the people suffer, the more they concentrate on what they will get or acquire as individuals. They do not care about the collective interests of their subjects or the citizens of the nation but their selfish quests.

Asa: So they are of the same mentality; selfish, wicked and greedily acquiring immense material wealth while abhorring any suggestions to them to rather acquire good name. Indeed, they are birds of the same feathers hence flocking together as "yentie obiara" buddies.


Asa: THE VALUE IS THE SAME! Both of them do not care about the wellbeing of Ghanaian masses, whether they will die or live.

Supper: Unfortunately, these are the people ruling Ghana, our motherland.

Asa: I have to go. Indeed, Ghana "gya me adwendwene"

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, enjoy this publication all ye that have a great sense of humour.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson