Diagnosing Dr. Tony Aidoo’s Transfer From Home?

Sun, 9 Feb 2014 Source: Asare, Noah

Dr. Tony Aidoo has been flashed across for a very long time in our news. Sometime for very good reasons and most of the time for what many will consider as wrong reasons. One thing has always been sure; Dr. Tony Aidoo has never failed to be controversial either for the wrong or for the good reasons.

He was controversial when he said the church people are like mad people. So was he controversial when he accused his own government for make rooms for corruption to grow in Ghana. He was controversial in saying the corruption at GEEDA was allowed by his own government for not heeding to his words by forwarding the policies to him. So was he controversial by openly attacking Archbishop Duncan Williams for daring to pray for the rise of the cedi. Dr. Aidoo has entered the bad books of many for suggesting taxes for churches and for saying a former president spoke like a dumb. Despite the mix feelings about his person his transfer has raised many eyebrows and has left a few questions unanswered.

Some says his recent arsenals aimed at the Mahama - Amisa-Arthur administration has arranged heaps of antagonism against him by top official within the administration. Others see his transfer to far away Holland as a way to silence him. Many also believe his work at the Policy Analisis and Monitoring was raising setbacks in the way of Mahama’s officials who will need free hands to enter their dubious deals.

His point blank talks made him one of the favorites of former President Rawlings and had succeeded to push him up the political leadership ladder of the NDC and its governments. The good old Professor, may his soul rest in peace, knew his ability to criticize and made him his policy analyst and monitoring head at the presidency. In the late president’s era his plainness had won him a place in the heart of the Osu Castle. The same plainness in the unhidden corrupt regime of Pres. Mahama will see him yanked far from home where he will be oblivious to most of the doings back home.

Frankly speaking Dr. Tony Aidoo was becoming a pain in the neck of the current administration and especially president Mahama. Removing him from the policy analysis and monitoring office to far away Amsterdam is Mahama’s idea of distancing him from home and to keep him silent. Dr. Aidoo was one of the men who could openly criticize his(pres. Mahama’s) corrupt administration. Sending him away will give him and his create, loot and share brigade free hands to operate without any MONITORING AND ANALISING workaholic called Dr. Aidoo.

I like to call Dr. Tony Aidoo the cold and heat in one embodiment. He is both one of my favorite politicians, because he is able to say what others can’t dare voice for fear, and yet not my best of personalities because he seem to have everything wrong with my party, NPP and the church.

Noah Asare


Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah