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Dictatorship corrupts, not democracy

Mon, 11 Jan 2016 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Any democracy that does not effectively fight corruption is a dictatorship. Anytime, any day, the most corrupt regime is a dictatorship. The more dictatorial a regime, the higher the level of corruption would exist in it. Undemocratic acts, such as sole sourcing, unchecked by a dysfunctional parliament, are far more likely to corrupt than democratic ones. Conversely, the more democratic a nation is, the lower the level of corruption. Check the global corruption index.

The motherland is second in corruption because her democratic institutions are not working.

Candidly, Albert Kan Dapaah will tell you. Congress deliberately set the democracy undermining structures not to work democratically because they thought they would preside over the motherland’s underdevelopment forever by sitting on her development. And indeed, they are using the corrupt system of appointees of shady character to rule forever.

It’s been proven in the motherland. For 19 over years, a dictatorship infested the entire public service with thieves. Every sector of the economy was plagued with thieving tendencies. Gradually, we are being led to believe the 2000 change was a fluke; something to create the semblance of a democracy. Since 2008, state anti-corruption institutional structures have all been rendered ineffective. Parliament, EC, NCCE, security institutions, commissions of inquiry, all have at various times been manipulated to cover-up corruption.

That is why amounts totalling over $750 million went into judgment debt payments with one single individual paid over GHC51 million out of that. Huge sums drained through SADA, GYEEDA, SUBA, National Service, NHIS, school feeding, Merchant Bank sale and many other state agencies, in corrupt practices, have not been recovered.

The whole Electoral Commission had been infested with the corruptible as at year 2000. Eight years of tinkering could only have remained just that with hardly any signs of positive change. Further change is impossible unless my compatriots take their sovereignty back from the thieves. So from 2009, whatever rot had been revamped having tasted defeat with the system in 2000. Never again, congress vowed would they let go with intensified corruption of the system. The greater something agenda is being successfully prosecuted.

The style of dictatorial leadership is to appoint the compliant, compromising, corruptible and colluding. An appointee’s appointment holds for as long as she or he does the appointer’s bidding. And so, the appointee will still hail the without clothes appointer. Conscience is the least consideration in the exercise of power on behalf of us compatriots. It is not democracy when a presidential daughter is able to contest and win an election she is not qualified to enter. To be able to file and contest against the law is corruption. It is as much corruption as over-voting or voting without biometric verification or using health insurance card to register as a voter or the returning officer not signing declared results.

. If you create a dictatorship from the dawn of the first day of year 1981 with the aim of establishing a greater something hegemony, with all its dictatorial structures intact, inject some holier than thou indiscipline into it and deceptively label it as democracy on January 7, 1993, what you get is a massive corrupt system.

A system which will create and maintain dums? for five years and over, is a dictatorship. A motherland with a limping parliament that endorses dubious STX and other borrowing-spree contracts under certificate of urgency is a dictatorship. And it is a dictatorship when presidential consorts and brothers and cousins wantonly milk the motherland’s resources dry.

The seed of today’s massive corruption was sown in the indiscipline planted December 31, 1981 in the motherland. Today’s massively corrupt administration is a creation of the coup. For over 19 years everything was done to entrench typists and clerks and the never worked, never paid rent, never paid bills as ministers to run the motherland’s finances. So chop, chop they have been chopping in unimaginable corrupt and thieving deeds.

When no one knows which passports a chief electioneer holds; motherland, Alataland, Zululand or Uncle Tom’s, or some or even all, no one will be able to predict the damage she could do to a delicate motherland 2016 election.

She should know, however, that no one is afraid of her. If she knew and is fully motherland blooded, including passport and all, she should be afraid of doing election damage this 2016.

Democracy doesn’t corrupt. Otherwise the most democratic will be the most corrupt. Absolute corruption is more likely in a dictatorship. Indeed, if democracy corrupts, dictatorship corrupts absolutely. So wherever there is corruption, look first for dictatorship like the one implanted in the motherland December 31, 1981 and still festering. You may not need to look beyond it.

Restore democracy 2016 to reverse corruption. The motherland needs and deserves that to survive and to make progress.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh