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Did Kufour the subject spoil Chief

Did Kufour the subject spoil Chief

Sat, 15 May 2010 Source: Bannerman, Nii

Did ex-president Kufour, a subject of Asantehene, spoil him or the NDC clipped his wings?

I write in response to the latest dressing-down of politicians by Asantehene.

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, the great civil right activist, the character of a person, comes to full glare not when and perhaps where he or she sits in comfort but when faced with trials and tribulations. And let me add that these trials and tribulations could be real, self imposed and imagined. Not too long ago, Asantehene was in what Americans will say, hog heaven. The red carpet was stretched without prodding and the gravy locomotive was steaming in sight. He, Nana, did not spare gorging, even though the arising turgidity stood to be lanced. He got VIP treatment, rumored to travel with diplomatic passport; wife gave birth overseas, foreign dignitaries sashayed to his palace, and was genuflected to by our ex-president Kufour and his minions.

Some unselfish and true blooded Ghanaians, hopefully not tribalist, lamented and protested about this bad precedent of mixing politics and tribal chieftaincy affairs. The protest was mainly based on the constitution and ethics. Yet, Mpiani and his phalanx of corrupt tribalist told us to go to hell. They told us, without stuttering, that our great chief was in such popular demand that they could not help it. Now the traffic to Manhyia palace has thankfully screeched to a jarring halt. We know from current empirical evidence that the farce produced by Kufour and his chieftaincy blinded cohorts was aimed at doing nothing beside hoisting their beloved chief at the expense of all other chiefs. Somebody should have reminded them that “awene pa nkasa” (good beads need no advertisement).” Let the good deeds of Otumfour speak for itself. The least they could have was to stay biblically truthful.

Too bad Otumfour did not catch Christianity then. I guess the preaching that has gripped Ghana is doing a number on Nana. The good news is that he has found the bible and Christian church. Hopefully and very soon, he will have to live consistency by ushering out chieftaincy activities that defy biblical teachings. Remember Nana, you cannot serve God and other gods at the same time. Neither can God’s children see you as god or serve you as subjects. Remember God warned us not to worship anyone but God. I must confess that this subject(s) crap is rubbing me sorely and surely the wrong way. Subjects in a democracy? Are we retrogressing or progressing?

The good old high-flying Kufour days are gone and the dog days of summer are here. Otumfour’s balloon has been deflated and out of sheer jealousy, and indeed vitriol, Nana is lashing out at politicians. Were these not the same people that he has been hanging out with? I mean Kufour, Rawlings etc!! Are they not politicians? Make no mistake, I share the known fact, that, some, if not most politicians, are corrupt and in for the money. However, what took Otumfour so long? Why wasn’t he waxing poetic and crooning this fine ditty about corruption when Kuifour was high-flying and giving contracts to his cronies? Has Nana observed the wreckage of corruption that Kufour left behind? When is he going to hold his subject responsible? At least Kufour is his subject and surely can be dealt with in close proximity. He has more sway over Kufour, his tribeman, than he does most Ghanaians.

Nana must name names of those corrupt and selfish politicians. What is he afraid of? Are we not talking about the inimitable and do no wrong Otumfour? Generalities won’t help here! Again, my honorable friends, leadership is not where you stand in comfort but what consistent and unbiased positions you take when the stakes are high. And Nana, you can solve this problem or at least set a good example by asking your subjects to swear the great Asante oath that, if you, Otumfour, find them selfish and corrupt, you will arrest them, just like you planned to arrest the Techiman chief and chop their head off. Is that not how it was done during the pre-colonial days? Why not Sankofa if it will save Ghana and the Asante chiefdom?

Nana Otumfour, I want to thank you for acknowledging that you are mere mortal. Given that you’ve forsaken your ancestors and subjected your mere mortal self to Christ, will you abandon the Otumfour title and outlaw the satanic rituals wedded to chieftaincy? Abolish everything that is anti-biblical and we will take your new found religion seriously. There must be some din in all of this and somebody better rescue the situation before it becomes a comedy-fest. Is the term Otumfour as used for the Asantehene not a tacit admission that he is more than human? Is this not why his subjects slap on his saliva like precious lotion to dry skin? An absolute monarch feigning mortality? The gods have deserted us!!

Nana Otumfour, please understand that politics is a competitive sport. Unlike chieftaincy, people cannot be handpicked for life to be president of Ghana. They must raise funds and compete. This is why Kufour and everyone else bribed their way to power. And in case you don’t see the benefits of getting to the castle, don’t forget what your subject and minion, Kufour, did for you. What have you done for him lately? The presidency of Ghana is not the same as being a tribal head for life. Running a country is not the same as being a tribal head. And surely Nana, you were hand-picked by your mother. Whether God impinged on your mother to select you is yet to be seen.

This logic of divine intervention is the same logic used by dictators to victimize and brutalize their people. Why can’t anyone justify their bloody deeds in the name of God? Did we not call Rawlings Junior Jesus when he rolled to town with his rusted pistol and blazing guns? Invoking God for convenience is fuzzy logic and one that ought to subjected to acute scrutiny. What are the metrics surrounding how to determine that God anointed Nana to lead us to the Promised Land?

If fighting is such a bad thing Nana, why did you threaten to arrest the Techiman chief because of a spat you had with him? If it is such a bad thing, why did you promise mayhem if this government does not stop sacking your people? Nana, by thy words and deeds ye shall be judged. You have threatened more brimstone than any Asante chief in modern times. I am glad that you are finally accepting that fighting does us no good in our trudge to hoist mother Ghana on a gold pedestal. Now let’s see the peacemaker side of Nana even as we sift through the waft of unfolding confusion. And please start the responsibility revolution by accounting for all the monies that you’ve received on behalf of Ghana or your tribesmen.

Nana, so you know you are mere mortal? We tried telling your admirers but they wanted none of that. Nana, why then do you need to be carried in a palanquin? Why can’t people talk to you directly but must talk through a linguist? Why should any man hold your umbrella or drinks? Why should any human being of God’s creation be a subject of yours? Subject? Why must people lose their lives when the Asantehene dies, King David?. Haba! Nana, you are charging politicians to initiate projects at the same time as you wonder why they want power. How can a defanged politician initiate projects? Power Nana, is where it all starts. Surely Nana, you should know more about power than anyone! Kufour had power and he got you high flying. Now that he has no power, see how you have been grounded. That is the way this game works! Until the NPP comes back to power, you shall experience no torque. Power is why people pay bribes to get to the castle. And power is the first step to booty called Ghana. Politicians can’t be handpicked by their mom so they must bribe their way!

Nana, lets grant that you have sought to serve your tribesmen with humility. Why is it such a problem then to account for all the money that you’ve received on their behalf? With service comes accountability and responsibility. I believe the greatest gift you can give to Ghanaians, is to model leadership, premised on accountability. If you do the latter, we will not hesitate to remind the politicians to follow suit. However, so long as you behave like them, we won’t have any recourse but to squeal and moan. At least the latter is better than fighting. If you want to take politicians to task, then you must set a good example for them to follow. Nana, it might interest you to note that the tendency of African leaders to stay in power for life has more to do with the values of chieftaincy than anything else. And if you are not selfish, then why don’t you term-limit yourself so that the other competent candidates that you eloquently attested to, can fulfill their promise to God, by serving the great people of Asanteman. Why you give term limit a try? Viva Ghana!

Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman

(Da Double edge sword) This writer can be reached at Akyere@aol.com


I don’t give them hell, I just tell the truth and they think it is hell. (Harry Truman)

Columnist: Bannerman, Nii