Did the NPP win 2012 elections or not

Sun, 26 Apr 2015 Source: Okwantuni, Kobri


Dear KON,

In as much as I am not against your candidacy, I have every right to question your commitment and credibility, so far as, NPP is concerned.

I demand to know whether the party, you claiming to belong to, won the 2012 elections or not?

First of all, KON, you declared the 2012 elections in favour of the NDC and Mahama under the pretence of being a professional journalist, and that led the party you are pretending to love (the NPP) to go to court. The truth of the matter is that, the results you declared on Joy FM is not different from the results declared by Dr Afari Gyan the chairman of electoral commission, that the NPP protested against.

KON, you deliberately refused to shoot down that propaganda induced comments coming from Kwadwo Twum Boafo; claiming that Nana Addo accosted Mr Moderator (KON), right after the 2012 IEA presidential debate. Though you (KON) knew the real truth, you allowed the NDC to paddle that falsehood.

Must the NPP always fall to the bad side of your act of professionalism? I sincerely do not see a difference between you, Atuguba Jst and Dr Afari Gyan, when it comes to professionalism – but a section of the NPP membership deem it prudent to criticize selectively.

You deliberately refused to put to rest a propaganda induced allegation cooked by Kwadwo Twum Boafo on Peacefm that right after the 2102 IEA debate Nana Addo accosted you for not allowing him to rebut Mahama. KON, what have you to show that you are indeed a true party man? Have you ever voted for the NPP? Don't you think you are trying to reap something you haven't sowed? Don't you think you are deliberately opening NPP up for men like your type to encroach our ranks? I know the media is solidly behind you, but will the media do same for you when it comes to national elections?

I understand your uncle who happens to be the incumbent MP is trying hard to impose you on the Ofoase Ayerebi Constituency though you do not have a party card. People of Ofoase Ayerebi should, wise up. Kojo says he can't campaign on his deeds, but will rather clinch onto his uncle to campaign, meaning without his uncle he can't help himself. Or is it because he does not have a vote in the constituency?

The NPP Constitution states it clearly: SELECTION OF PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE, a member applying for nomination for the Party's Parliamentary Primaries for any Constituency shall be a registered member and a voter in the Constituency, which he or she seeks to represent, provided that, in appropriate cases, the National Executive Committee, in consultation with the Regional and Constituency Executives, may dispense with the requirement.

Now, my investigations show that Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is not a registered voter in the Eastern Region let alone, Ofoase Ayerebi. So, upon what considerations is he to go through vetting? The committee ought to hold our constitution in a high esteem.

NPP Shall Live!!!

Columnist: Okwantuni, Kobri