NPP Must Stop 'Hate To Death' Politics!

Fri, 23 May 2014 Source: Amenga-Etego, Akaabitono SaCut

We the NDC youth with conviction of Principles (YWCP) wish to denounce root, stem and branch, the uncultured, primitive, insensitive and noisome misbehavior and actions of some notable NPP political elements in the aftermath of the sudden demise of the late founding member of the NDC, Ing PV Obeng.

Totally alien to our Ghanaian culture is the celebration of death that went viral on social media by notable NPP operatives as well as faceless party apparatchiki. This abhorrent behavior was exhibited not only by ordinary party supporters but was indeed, started by a former NPP MP for Asokwa Maxwell Kofi Dwumah who shamelessly and provincially threw culture and ethics to the dogs by virally distributing an image from the mortuary of the late P.V Obeng on social media.

As if that is not enough, many social media 'hate threads' ahave been developed over the past few days which has sought to create the patently absurd impression that the demise of certain prominent members of the ruling NDC in the recent past represent poetic justice for those who see themselves as "victims" of the excesses of the 1979 revolution as well as the 31DEC. 1981 revolution.

The YWCP decry the active involvement of young NPP politicians in this emerging condemnable behavior. Hate threads have developed from characters such as Akwasi A. Afrifa Akoto, also of Asokwa constituency in Kumasi, and a known Akuffo Addo supporter. Others like Hansel Boakye who lives abroad have actively been defending with all his might, what even other open minded NPP youth have condemned without apology.

The YWCP is yet to hear an official disapproval by the NPP leadership, of these hate threads going viral on social media and even the prostitute mainstream media such as the likes of the Daily Guide. For all intents and purposes, if this ongoing misbehavior is unchecked immediately, The NPP may be promoting "contract killings" - which is what it is that families such as that of P.V Obeng may think or feel if others are openly celebrating the death of their loved one and bread winner.

Some NPP elements openly celebrated at the death of the late President Mills. The same people did celebrate the tragic death of Prof. Kofi Awornor, former head of the council of state. Today, these same alien beasts in the NPP are celebrating with alacrity the death of Mr. P.V Obeng, a former presidential advisor. They even managed to do the unthinkable by going into the mortuary to take a photo for ridiculous reasons.

We the YWCP demand to know if the NPP leadership endorses these uncultured and provocative acts of some of their misguided extremist members? If they don't, why are they officially mute over this abhorrence? Unless it is that this misbehavior has the fullest endorsement of the NPP party, let us hear them openly condemn these recalcitrant NPP youth and dishonorable men and women who are going about as though they are immortals.

If the NPP remain mute over the issue, the YWCP and Ghanaians will take it that this is the NPP's new way of 'hate politics' - which is to hate to death all their political opponents.


SaCut Amenga - Etego


NDC Youth With Conviction Of Principles(YWCP)


Columnist: Amenga-Etego, Akaabitono SaCut