CPPNA: Ghanaians are being short-changed

Mon, 2 May 2011 Source: Manful, Kweku

On a Holy Easter Sunday when a country is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we come back from Churches to read that a prominent member of the National Patriotic Party has made a careless statement to the effect that, the fact that it did not rain on Easter Friday means Ghana is having a bad governance and that is the reason why Ghanaians are suffering. What an infamy!!!! CPPNA wants to state that we are above these kinds of thinking and would not descend into the gutters with those who find nothing wrong with short-changing Ghanaian expectations. Where on this planet is an Act of God (rain) attributed to Politics (Social Science). Why did the General Secretary denigrate politics to such level? You know what: J B Danquah, Busia and Dombo would have reprimanded this General Secretary and we expect Mr. John Owusu Afriyie to be kicked in the butt. Mr. Afriyie’s statement is too insulting. Is this the constructive policy alternative NPP promised Ghanaians? God save us!!

CPPNA is alarmed in the sense that if NPP had won the last elections, this General Secretary would be making sensitive decisions for 24 million Ghanaians with this mindset. How catastrophic would that have been?

To NPP, we humbly say this: we cannot choose your General Secretary for you. We have no idea about how your General Secretary was elected and it is none of our business. But at the same time if a General Secretary of a party (that has promised the nation a better governance and good opposition) would be allowed to make such reckless remarks, then Ghanaians are in for a long haul.

About a month or so ago, another politician made a mockery of our politics. If a Deputy Minister goes to address students at one of our Universities, you would expect the Minster to educate these young ones and impart wisdom, encouragement, knowledge. Instead the Minster uses the platform to pour scorn on a fellow politician who wasn’t even at the function. Why such infantile diatribe? We don’t believe that parents paid monies for their children to go and listen to such garbage. CPPNA is deeply worried that Miss Hanna Bissiw is disrespecting the portfolio that she holds. Her actions were vile. She chose a wrong place to display her inexperience. These pronouncements shouldn’t be coming from people in positions of authority. What are we depositing to our children?

Added to the above, we have noted that there have been deliberate attempts in recent past by certain high profile political leaders in both parties to un/consciously make the country ungovernable. To be specific we are calling on former President Rawlings and Nana Akuffo Addo to “season” their utterances in order not to disrupt peaceful governance and incite the populace. We have only one sitting President. We demand that he is given the respect and the peace of mind to make informed decisions. We hope these two gentlemen have heard us load and clear. We find some remarks from both camps very disturbing particularly in these difficult moments when the economy is suffering as a result of imprudent and untested Breton Woods’s economic policies implemented by these same parties (P/NDC and NPP) in the last 30 years. The 24 million people of Ghana would wish that these two parties spent their time fixing what they have deliberately destroyed.

There are very important issues that ought to engage the attention of the NDC and NPP: filth and stench; pollution of our waters and environment; road traffic accidents; high incidence of maternal and infant mortality rates; needless deaths resulting from preventable ailments; kids schooling under trees; rural-urban migration; deliberate destruction of our industries; high rates of unemployment; economy turned into a dumping zone with inferior factory rejects form abroad; homeland security lapses; foreign nationals acquiring passports and plots of land within weeks of entering the nation; drastic drop in quality of education; nurses, teachers and other public servants working for months without pay; absolute takeover and looting of our natural resources; diabolical deals in the sale of our national assets: about 367 factories and state corporations that were established after our independence have been sold by P/NDC, and NPP. These are just a few. Next time we will go deeper to educate Ghanaians on the economic calamities P/NDC and NPP have brought onto the nation. Ghanaians would have to do serious introspection about NDC and NPP: they’re two sides of the same coin. No policy direction, just aiding the Breton Woods to paralyse our economy. We need to move our economy forward but sadly we CANNOT do that with NDC, NPP policies.

Lastly, one may ask: why did we (Ghana) seek independence in the first place? Answer: It was to enable us educate ourselves, improve our economy and to control our destiny. But 54 years after independence, we are more colonised than pre-independence. These are the sad realities and we will strongly advice all political parties to do all that they can to improve the quality of lives in the country. If NDC and NPP lack the right pragmatic economic policies, they should ask the CPP and we will do well to offer them help. The status quo now is to ask the agents of Breton Woods to tell us that Ghana has reached the middle-income status; ladies and gentlemen, boldly ask them to show you the GNI figures used. Its all economic mirage, don’t let them fool you.

All indications point to the undeniable fact that NDC and NPP cannot solve the country’s problems. The NDC and NPP must respect the wishes of the people of Ghana, work as a team irrespective of their beliefs to make life BETTER. They should stop playing elementary political mischief, insults and short-changing of Ghanaian trust. NDC and NPP should not forget that they are being watched from near and afar.

To NPP and NDC we say this: STOP short-changing Ghanaians;

To the youth of Ghana, CPPNA says this to you: your destinies are being toyed with, ACT NOW. Tell these two parties that you have had enough of their political and economic mediocrity.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Forward Ever

Kweku Manful

Vice Chairman-CPP North America

Columnist: Manful, Kweku