Do Ghanaian PhD Holders Worth Their Salt

Tue, 16 Jul 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

– Dr Wereko Brobbey?

? He who envies a fool for his foolishness is himself a big fool. This write-up is a quick rebuttal to the views expressed by that educated illiterate of no substance, but falsely believing that he is Mr Somebody - Dr Charles Wereko Brobbey.

? I have just read on Ghanaweb a publication attributed to Dr Charles Wereko Brobbey under the title, "I have no time for fools – Wereko Brobbey". The publication appears under the General News of Saturday, 13 July 2013. In this said publication, we have Wereko Brobbey, a latter-day educated illiterate, the cynosure of all eyes for obvious stupid reasons, doing his nuts again. ?

He said, "At the age of twenty five, I had acquired my PhD so I hardly listen to foolish people that have done nothing to their lives when talking. For those out there who talk a lot about me, I don’t give them any attention because they have done nothing with their lives. If you should ask them if they are able to buy food for themselves on a daily basis, they can’t give a definite answer" ?

I am sorry that Wereko Brobbey has opened the Pandora box to permit me unleash my venom on the Ghanaian PhD holders. Most, if not almost all of them, are not worth their salt. When you compare them to our White contemporaries, the Ghanaian PhD holders are completely non-starters. Ask most of them, what they have done or invented to help their own country and compatriots to enhance their respectability and wellbeing let alone, humanity, and they will have nothing to show for.

? Wereko Brobbey’s effusions are typical of fools who do not think before they speak. He is just an arrogant fool, a braggart of course. What did he do when he was the boss at Volta River Authority (VRA)? Could he solve the electricity problems? Did he not by his actions and the useless machines he imported on lease into the country end up causing financial losses to the Company (VRA) and Ghana? Was he not shamefully relieved of his post or sacked for incompetence? ?

Let us have a look at "Ghana at 50". Was Wereko Brobbey not in charge of that project? Did many things not go wrong as regards the disbursement of the money earmarked for financing the project? Was he not arrested and prosecuted for embezzlement and or corruption? The fact that he had NPP learned legal brains to defend him, got him off the hook on technicalities, did not mean he was morally incorruptible. If he does throw a challenge in an attempt to exonerate himself of blame that he did not commit any act of corruption while he was the head at VRA and or, Ghana at 50", I may ask Lawyer Adreba Damoah Abrefa to take him to the deity, Nana Antoa Nyamaa to find out the truth for me. ?

Wereko Brobbey, a PhD holder in the Science discipline or whatever, has not invented or discovered anything either old or new. Like the usual school days "chew, pour, pass and forget" types of students, he is "read, copy other’s books and works by making changes to them in your own wordings for dissertational presentation to a panel of University professors for the award of a PhD degree. ?

We know how most of the PhDs are earned so he must give us break from his trumpeted vanity. ?

I know some of the Ghanaian PhD holders are humble and doing marvellous work to help humanity even though they are yet to invent or discover anything new than those already known to the world as discovered by the Whiteman. ?

Professor Frimpong Boateng, the first Blackman heart surgeon in Africa, is humble, dedicated and always at the service of Ghanaians. He does not boast about his feat like Wereko Brobbey who has done nothing but brags. I was humbled by his intelligence, selflessness and readiness to help his country during my personal interaction and conversation with him in Kumawu in 2008. He valued my boldness, fairness and no nonsense approach to issues. Truly, empty vessels make most noise! There is a vast ocean of intelligence, comportment, respectability and respectfulness between him and Wereko Brobbey. ?

Finally, let me narrate the following true story to tell how some Ghanaian PhD holders can become big time fools by their own actions if they want to. Once, about fifteen or more years ago, one medical Professor, then the head of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), made a total disgrace of his intellect and a fool of himself.

? He went to a Commercial Bank branch at the Tech (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) Junction to withdraw money. Read what happened. Before narrating the story, let me enlighten my readers on how the banking withdrawal processes were in those days. One would walk into the bank, queue up and wait to be attended to by a clerk sitting behind a glass or metal-wire-partitioned desk or counter. When it was your turn, your bank accounts book or cheque was collected, verified by the accounts clerk with a withdrawal or a deposit form filled out indicating how much you were depositing or withdrawing. Then you pulled out of the queue, went back to sit down and waited to be served by the cashier (another person sitting in a partitioned compartment behind the desk or counter).

? When it was the turn of this man in question, whose name has just escaped me, a Professor and a PhD holder in Medicine of course, with prefix "Professor Doctor Doctor" to his name to collect his money, he unfortunately proved himself the biggest idiot of all time. There were many people or customers sitting and hanging around waiting to be served. When the cashier called out say, Professor Asiedu, two or three times with about thirty seconds or a minute interval between each name call out, he would put his book away and started serving others. The cashier after a while would pick up his book and call out, Doctor Asiedu? No response. Professor Asiedu. No response. Then he would continue serving other customers. At other times the cashier would call out, Professor Doctor Asiedu. There would still be no response. This continued until every customer was gone with only one person left sitting waiting to be served with the only bank accounts book bearing Professor Doctor Doctor Asiedu in front of the cashier. The cashier called out again Professor Asiedu. There was no response. Finally the cashier turned to him and asked, Please are you not Professor Asiedu? He responded angrily, No! I am not Professor Asiedu but Professor Doctor Doctor Asiedu. You have to call out the full title for people to know who I am. I have gone through strenuous studies to come this far so people should know who I am. ?

I will say what a fool he was? He had wanted those come to the bank to withdraw or deposit money to know him for the learned one going by the title of Professor with PhD in Medicine (Professor Dr Doctor). However, no-one got to know who he was even by Professor or Doctor by his silly arrogance. Everyone was gone before he finally identified himself as the Professor Dr Doctor. The cheap importance or momentary popularity he was seeking evaded him. This is how best the Ghanaian PhD holder is, very arrogance. They have that type of arrogance that translates into silliness in the end. Wereko Brobbey is not different but far worse than this professor in question. I may even have published his name in one of my oldest articles.

? Ghanaians had better cease kowtowing to these educated illiterates with raised shoulders sauntering in the streets of Ghana lording it over them. I personally do not have an iota of respect for most Ghanaian PhD holders for being useless as most of them are. Until they stop boasting as empty as they are, to invent or do something to help humanity and the world, I shall never respect them. Woe betides any of them that crosses my path to boast about his qualifications, I shall cut him down to size. I have not come to Long John’s country to learn foolishness but intelligence and wisdom.

? The young White men that came up with Google engine, Facebook, Twitter etc. and Bill Gates, the world’s richest man never had PhD degrees but look how they have, and are transforming the world. What has Wereko Brobbey done? Has he ever initiated any transformational activity or project to help the world? Please ask him to shut up his chirping beak for he disturbs my ears. He who envies Dr Wereko Brobbey for his educational qualifications, boastfulness and all that he stands for as lately revealed on internet and on airwaves is a FOOL. ? ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson