Do some Ghanaians have Brains at all to Reason?

Sun, 7 Apr 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It is never my intention to insult, castigate or ridicule anyone by the title of this article. However, I mean to use it to address a serious issue brought to my attention by a comment passed by a Kumawu compatriot on one of my recent published articles on Ghanaweb. In the said article, I did not only announce the death of one of the pioneer Ghanaian industrialists (Mr. B. A. Mensah) but also, took the opportunity to eulogise him.

I made my views clear on how far I regarded Mr. B. A. Mensah, a son of the Kumawu soil. The commentator, younger in age I presume, descended crazily upon me unannounced like a thunderbolt, casting aspersions on me and querying my deceased father of blessed memory.

I do not want to mention the name of the person here. I am doing so in order not to give him the cheap internet popularity he requires. He is still unknown and will forever reside in the wilderness of his widest ignorance, able only to pass a comment here and there but never able to cogently put across his views on anything of vital interest to Ghana .

I said I respected Mr. B. A. Mensah for how he ensured his riches filtered through his entire family to even benefit outsiders, a feat none of the rich men in Kumawu has yet emulated or surpassed. This person from nowhere cut in with his most absurd comment asking, "Your father was rich but what did he do for his family?"

Yes, my father was rich. He did what he could for his family but not to the extent as was done by Mr. B. A. Mensah. I am not even going to dwell on discussing my father but going to point out how irrational the commentator has been.

The logic is none of the Kumawu rich men has done as Mr. B.A. Mensah did for his family that made me admire him most. The fact that I left out my father means I have included him in the basket of all other rich men in Kumawu. As I would expect other rich men to do more for their relatives, so had I expected of my father if he is placed among all other rich men.

The person who passed that comment is, excuse me to say, being very irrational in his understanding of issues. He is young so I will leave him alone, but not to let him wallow in his ignorance hence, quickly putting this write-up out in the hope of correcting or reshaping his thinking to comprehend things much better. If I did not, he will still continue jumping into conclusions, passing stupid comments on columnists' articles without the need for them.

I do not want to drag Mr. B.A. Mensah or my father's reputation into the public domain for uninformed young persons to pass their baseless comments on. I still stand by my views. I am entitled to my views similarly as any other person feeling hurt is entitled to theirs. What is wrong about constructively seeking to criticise people to get them help their family members if they have the means? It is only a fool that will argue with me over my noble views so succinctly expressed.

If you are not that clever enough, do not seek to take Rockson on in any front of public discourse. If you do, you will fail miserably as he does not suffer fools kindly. He is more intelligent for most of his contenders, so please be well informed in advance.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson