Opinions Thu, 5 Apr 2012

Do the NDC take Rawlings for a Big Fool?

For all these years President Mills and his most corruptible Team B government have sidelined Rawlings. Nobody ever raised any concerns about it. It was fine with the NDC top gurus and fanatical activists with all the Ewe chiefs inclusive, that Rawlings was shooed out of view of President Mills and out of the NDC party.

Now that election 2012 looms ominously, scarily staring the NDC in the face with warning signs about their likely unprecedented gargantuan defeat, every Tom, Dick and Harry within the NDC is running to prostrate before Rawlings. They are weeping, pleading with him to reconcile with President Mills and then lead them in campaign to garner enough votes to win election 2012. Funnily, a former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kpegah, has stated, “I am worried because if NDC is not in power, some of us will be worse off in Ghana”. He further says, "President Mills and Mr. Rawlings must be brought together if the party is keen on holding on to power" I feel disgusted to read such ridiculous utterances from such selfish, greedy persons who seek only their interests. For all this while that President Mills has relegated Rawlings to the abyss of oblivion, treating him with inexpressible scorn unprecedented in the annals of Ghana politics, what did Justice Kpegah do? Now that defeat is awaiting NDC in December to force Justice Kpegah out of whatever illegal benefits he is currently enjoying owing to the incompetence and corrupt-laden NDC administration, he is now crying wolf.

I personally believe that Rawlings will be the MOST STUPID person ever to be born in Ghana should he yield in to the pleas and pressures in exertion upon him by these selfish, myopic and greedy NDC sycophants. What do they take him for, an unprecedented imbecile who has no pillow to sleep on and hence does not dream dreams nor think? Rawlings has no any tangible message to tell to persuade discerning Ghanaians to vote for President Mills. President Mills has gone past his sell by date. Hence, he has to be rejected and assigned to history archives.

As long as President Mills remains the proverbial "Konongo Kaya", unable to control his corruptible and insulting government appointees, continues to aid and abet crime e.g. Woyomegate scandal, and is dubiously dishing out judgment debt payments to his cronies, Rawlings cannot campaign for him. As long as he maintains his Team B government Ministers and has not the requisite hardened balls to arrest former NPP government Ministers as a prerequisite, there is no way that Rawlings will campaign for Mills' re-election.

President Mills is adamant to be his own man. I love to see him not consulting Rawlings 24/7 hours contrary as once promised or vowed. He does not want to be anyone's puppet. Nevertheless, little does President Mills know that he is a puppet to the Ahwois or to a certain clique of people within the NDC?

Let anyone prove me wrong that Rawlings will not be campaigning for President Mills. If he does, then he is the most stupid person ever to be born inferring from how wickedly President Mills has treated him. If Mills has been able to treat him so contemptuously during his first term in office, what stops President Mills from treating Rawlings far worse during his second and final term in office?

Rawlings is far wiser than how the myopic NDC see him. Rawlings is many steps ahead of those Ewe chiefs and stooges President Mills is manipulating to persuade Rawlings to come back to campaign him. Mills will surely ditch Rawlings as soon as he wins the re-election.

Not long ago, the once highly emaciated poverty-stricken General Mosquito Johnson Asiedu Nketiah had the guts to make an outrageous mockery of Rawlings. He said, "The barking dog has been chased out of NDC" He was sarcastically referring to Rawlings. Asiedu Nketiah that Rawlings picked from the refuse dump; bathed, dressed and offered him a prestigious job has become insolent to Rawlings. This same Asiedu Nketiah now wants Rawlings back to campaign for the NDC. I keep asking what these idiots take Rawlings for.

I can put the heads of Justice Kpegah and Asiedu Nketiah on the block that Rawlings will never campaign for President Mills no matter how much and how far they cry wolf. Even if he does, President Mills and the NDC are still bound to lose election 2012, regardless of their apparent scheming to rig the elections as vividly exhibited at the biometric registration.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson