Do we still practice banishment in Ghana?

Fri, 12 Oct 2012 Source: Sarpong, Justice

When is Ghana going to make these primitive cultures practice a crime? How can any chief banish anybody from his town or village because that person might have lied about him a crime that merits an instant justice like stripping a woman naked and parading her through the village whilst those with salacious interest to insert their fingers in her private part and sexually abuse her in the full glare of the whole village. When this Chief banished her from his village where did he expect this woman to go? Is this Chief aware we are not living in the 19th century? This is human rights abuse against women and no nation on God green Earth should allow criminals parading themselves as Chiefs to take the law into their own hands and enact their own primitive laws to satisfy their sexual interests.


Married Woman Stripped Naked, Fingers Inserted In 'Her' For Insulting Chief Date: 10-Oct-2012

A 34-year-old married woman has been stripped naked and assaulted by her kinsmen for allegedly insulting their chief. The victim, Adom Anastasia, a trader and native of Likpe Abrani, is alleged to have accused Nana Borkeh Akototsey V of licking her vagina. On September, 24, 2012, Anastasia was invited by Tsiame Kumah and Tsiame David Mensah at Hunnor to appear before the Mankrado, Togbe Pius Clemefi, the next day, September 25, over alleged abuse of Nana Borkeh Akotosey.

By 8 a.m. that day, the two Tsiames escorted her to the house of the Mankrado where over 200 community members were gathered. She was compelled to kneel before the council. The Mankrado said Nicholas Borkeh and Mary Afenyo at Mawuse had reported that she had abused the chief by saying the distinguished chief had licked her vagina. She denied the allegation. After listening to the witnesses, the Mankrado, in consultation with the elders, found her guilty and ordered her to be banished from the town.

The Mankrado also ordered that Anastasia, who has been married for nine years and a native of the area, be stripped naked by the crowd at the arbitration before being banished.

The crowd complied, and apart from stripping her naked, they beat her up while others took advantage of the situation to insert their fingers into her private parts and sexually assaulted her. They ordered her to march through the town naked while people took photographs of her and mocked her. She was also ordered to leave the town at 6pm that day in her nakedness. The crowd proceeded to her grocery shop to vandalize and loot it.

Anastasia Adom told Daily Guide that not even her tears and pleas to the crowd stopped them from subjecting her to that treatment. She noted that she was shocked that her fellow females were part of the torture team. She had to use a bush route to her husband who was working in another village. She and her husband later reported the case to the police who made some arrests while others escaped. Although 18 suspects have so far been identified, nine persons including the two Tsiames and a female have been arrested to be arraigned soon.

The Mankrado is said to be indisposed. The Regional Police Commander, DCOP Alex Bedie, who narrated the incident, condemned the actions of the offenders and noted that all others involved would be arrested and made to face the law depending on the outcome of their investigations. He also cautioned chiefs to also ensure that in exercising their customs and laws they should ensure that it tallied with the constitution of Ghana."

The practice of trokosi was banned by President Rawlings more than fifteen years ago and not even one Priest has been arrested for this practice whilst they continue to practice this criminality that abuse children with impunity. When are some people going to stop their "buga buga" ways and adhere to the laws of this country? My hope is that people will address this issue at its own merit without accusing me of tribalism because this is a disgrace to the whole nation.

Sarpong, Justice

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice