Do we understand democracy as a nation?

Wed, 24 Feb 2016 Source: Denis Andaban

Sometimes I am tempted to say that most of the so-called politicians ignorantly wander about in the path of complete ignorance or sheer wickedness. I have made a lot of observations on the media and one thing that I can conclude on is that some people are fighting for power blindly.

I write this article to show my frustration and disappointment in the reckless manner, some self-acclaimed politicians engage in their politics. They lack the true understanding of democracy but hide under it to perpetuate all kind of blunder and mess in their pursuit of selfish parochial political ambitions.

We have failed as a nation to tell such uncharitable politicians the bitter truth and we will continue to leave with the dire consequences. What is our understanding of democracy if we do not stand by the truth to defend our constitution?

I am highly flabbergasted how we are increasingly becoming our own enemies in this country. I dare those selfish politicians to revisit their notes on democracy, and they would come to terms that, as a nation, it takes our collective effort, team spirit to defend the sovereignty of our beloved country.

Our different political orientation, tribes, religion among others are not enough a reason to create a polarized and a state characterized by sectionalism, mental corruption, tribal bigotry among others.


Can't we use our diversity as our source of strength as it's used to be or political desperation have taken over our sense of logical reasoning?

Those who take solace in perpetuating crimes with impunity ranging from war mongering, insults, political violence, shameless fabrications and what have you just to paint a gloomy picture of our nation to me have lost their identity and citizenship. We are guided by the laws of the land and any individual who do not believe in them is perhaps a deviant, a lunatic or an irresponsible faceless foreigner. Sorry if am being harsh here but the truth must be said for once.

If you measure the level of vilification, insults on dignified personalities and institutions in this country, you would never show up anywhere in this world as a proud citizen of Ghana. In recent political discourse, I do hear our Electoral Commission being bashed left right center by serial callers and political communicators mostly of the NPP side. I must say, am so disappointed in the leadership of the NPP( if any) for not calling their very insulting communicators to order. The most painful thing is when the EC boss is being singled out in several instances as an individual and lambasted on the airwaves. Just today, a renowned leading member of the NPP ( don't want to mention names) stated emphatically that, the former EC boss ( Dr. Afari Djan) was far better than the current EC boss ( Mrs. Charlotte Osei).

The question am asking is, on which benchmarks is he basing his unscientific and irrelevant comparison on if not for cheap political propaganda? The same NPP accused and attacked the hard earned reputation of Dr. Afari Djan and today they turn round to make such a reckless and frivolous statement about a very dignified and distinguished individual who is a team leader of a very sensitive democratic institution?. I don't get it. The constitution is very explicit on the Electoral Commission's independence.

Why do we want to subject the Electoral Commission to these unfortunate and needless attacks?

Any individual who understands democracy should know the implications and dire consequences of constantly attacking some important state institutions. Any political party who is interested in development and political power would not attack such a sensitive institution unless there is a needless tendency to cause chaos and political violence.

It is paramount to know that, if you have any legitimate concerns, you handle it by the structures laid to us by the supreme laws of the land.

I am of the view that, it is not only politicians who own this country and must desist from such ungodly acts.

Democracy should be centered on competition of ideas and not competition of insults. Political parties who need power must concentrate on propagating their message to the electorate and not causing fear and panic. Power is won on merit.

We must respect our culture and show some decorum and respect in our political discourse. Ghana is noted for its peace, tolerance, unity, hardworking, hospitality but all these are perishing in the name of politics. Why?

I urge Ghanaians to look at our politicians very well because some of them have nothing significant to offer Ghana than harbouring evil intentions. We cannot simply gamble with the peace of our beloved country. Let's all stand up and demonstrate our authority as citizenry of the land.

According to Dr. Myles Munroe " Ignorance or absence of authority produces confusion and chaos".

I also urge my fellow youth to help sustain the peace of this country.

Columnist: Denis Andaban