Does God Listen to the Prayers of Ghanaians?

Mon, 22 Jul 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

? ? Some Ghanaians with my own Kumawu compatriot resident in Canada do believe that God did not create the Blackman properly let alone, listening to their supplications. I have always disagreed with all Ghanaians opinionated that God created the Blackman inferior as compared to the Whiteman.

? According to the Bible which is an authority on creation, God created Adam and Eve. All humans are consequently the descendants of Adam and Eve. The drifting of portions of the earth broken away from the mainland as a result of earthquakes, with such portions coming under different climatic conditions has resulted in the coloration or pigmentation of our skins into white or black.

? God has endowed us with wisdom and given us our freewill to do as we choose and when we choose. As many Africans, especially Ghanaians, choose to condone evil, corruption and are supportive of the perpetrators of evil, how do we expect our countries to progress? In the Ghanaian society where our politicians have been given the licence to do what they want when they want, how do we expect to make headway in any undertaking to justify our worthy as human beings?

? Take the current government in Ghana for example in explaining how Ghanaians or Black people bring doom and gloom upon themselves and later turn to blame God for their shortcomings. Those in government in Ghana at the moment are corrupt, clueless, lawless, hypocritical and selective in the dispensation of their duties towards Mother Ghana and Ghanaians. They have become law onto themselves, committing crimes with impunity. Justice in Ghana is hypocritical and selective, whether we like it or not. The rich and a member of the NDC government and party can commit blue murder. They can eat all the meat, suck the marrow in the bone, throw the bone at the public and still come around to fight over the bone with the public. How insatiably greedy they are?

? Whoever stands up to defend the right of the poor and the voiceless is seen as an enemy of the government and the very people he is defending. In a society like this where the laws do not function properly but selectively, how do we as Black people expect to prosper? Why do we then blame God for our own self-inflicted problems?

? God listens to our prayers but we never seem to take notice of it. A classical example is the on-going Election 2012 issue Ghanaians are dealing with. A clueless and corrupt government is in place in Ghana at the moment. The head of the government is about to be established to have rigged the elections to be able to come that far, to ascend the presidency. Some Ghanaians belonging in the same NDC party with the government are defending the president to the hilt despite the obvious election rigging, incompetence and mediocrity. Everything points in the direction of the election having been rigged with the NDC party, government and then presidential-candidate Mahama squandering all the money in the nation’s coffers; using it to sponsor their "Ede bii keke" election campaign.

? With such a mentality where we foolishly support a few people to take the nation for a ride as been confronted with, how do we comfortably feel accusing God as having not created us well or segregating against the Black person?

? Laws work better in the civilized Whiteman’s land hence, their socio-politico-economic prosperity manifesting at the speed of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest 100 metre runner from Jamaica.

? Let us change our typical Ghanaian mindedness of always supporting evil to support the course of truth, justice, selflessness and the "can do" attitude that earned Barrack Obama the American presidency.

? Everybody is convinced by the authenticity and volume of proofs pointing to the fact that Election 2012 was rigged in favour of President Mahama except Yaw Boateng Gyan and his thieving NDC brigade. They think otherwise upon all the live telecast of the Court hearing procedures.

? Now, God has answered the supplications of the majority of Ghanaians to end the corruption and abuse of political incumbency in Ghana. He is ending the situation where African leaders become autocrats, dictators and embezzlers of public funds to the detriment of the poor who are always in majority. He is using John Mahama to prove a point that He listens to us, He created us equal as our White contemporaries.

? Once Mahama is removed from power for rigging election, and punished for any crimes of corruption he might have committed, it would send a signal to other African leaders and governments that abuse of incumbency will take them nowhere convenient but into prison. When they become aware of this situation, they will cease messing up with the economy and the opportunity given them to lead us out of socio-politico-economic problems.

? From now on, I want all Ghanaians to understand that God created us to love us but not to hate us. He loves us equally as He loves the Whiteman but only that the Blackman or the Ghanaian is always foolishly abusing his opportunities.

? Everyone knows how Mahama is presiding over gargantuan thievery yet we have some Ghanaians, being supportive of his actions. Are we not being stupid, if I dare query?

? If you, as Ghanaian or Blackman do not go to Heaven, do not blame Jesus. If the Whiteman sees you as less intelligent, do not blame him for racism but blame yourself for self-involving in acts of stupidity that pull you back from advancing socially and economically.

? God does listen to our prayers but we often do not see it because of our own stupid little ways of doing things unbefitting of human beings.

? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson