Opinions Thu, 31 Oct 2013

Does NPP also Abound in “Old Evil Dwarfs?”

? Subsequent upon the actions of some NPP gurus during and after Election 2012, I am persuaded that there are equally old evil dwarfs within the NPP as are in NDC. ? ? Dwarf "in folklore is a being in the form of a small, often misshapen and ugly, man, usually having magic powers". They are believed to have the ability to do good and or harm at the same time depending on the circumstance. Their wonders performing ability that leaves one agape is what is of relevance or interest to me than the shape of their body or appearance. ? ? When something is immoral, harmful, accompanied by misfortune or suffering, it is said to be EVIL. If a dwarf is said to be evil, then it brings suffering upon those that it interacts with. On the other hand, when something is morally excellent, satisfactory in quality, quantity or degree, it is said to be GOOD. When a dwarf is said to be good, then indeed, its interactions with people bring luck or satisfaction to them. ? ? Now let us see if we have "old evil dwarfs" among the NPP as are among the NDC according as claimed by former President J.J. Rawlings. During the 2012 parliamentary and presidential electioneering campaign, it was established in Kumawu Constituency that some NPP elders in and from Kumawu were working against the NPP parliamentary candidate. I can vouch for it occurring. ? ? During the Supreme Court proceedings, some people including Dr Charles Wereko-Brobbey a.k.a Tarzan came out publicly to express views with the sole intention to scupper the petitioners’ chances of winning the case. They were able to succeed in their dastardly actions. ? All available credible evidence pointed to the direction of the petitioners winning the case but for the evil wishes, intentions and actions by certain members of the NPP, the hands of William Atuguba was unusually strengthened to take the most absurd Court verdict ever pronounced on a landmark case, against the petitioners.

He saw fissures start to appear and to gain roots in NPP. He might have said, as weak as they have become through disunity, they cannot present any formidable opposition should I rule against them. Lo and behold, he ruled against the NPP even though the petitioners had credible evidence by on the face of the pink sheets, oral evidence gathered at the cross-examinations and the final written submissions by the Lead Counsels for both parties – respondents and petitioners. I do not want to delve further deep into this as it is already in the public domain. ? ? Additionally, another NPP stalwart is buying into the NDC malicious propaganda of there being Ashanti and Akyem divides within the NPP. He adds his own little evil note of there being the Akan domination of the NPP. He feels the Akans not allowing the minority tribes in the party to play front roles (become the flag bearer, National Chairman, National Youth Organiser etc.) is militating against NPP winning power. ? ? Let me beg to differ. Are all positions in the NPP not open for elections? Are people appointed or selected by a few powerful individuals in the party to fill the mentioned positions without going through public elections organised by the party? Are some people suggesting that certain positions within the party must be reserved for the minority tribes’ members in the party? I do not get what they are putting across. Someone please help me. ? ? Are the views by all those in the NPP expressed at the wrong time with potential to harm the chances of the party being recognised the winner of elections not evil? If such actions by those people who claim to be founders and stalwart supporters of the party are evil, then are they not same as old evil dwarfs? ? ? I want every individual in the NPP to become either a "young or an old good dwarf" from today forward. Let us forgive ourselves for our previous sins against the party when acting as evil dwarfs. ? ? Any NPP member that goes by the belief that Nana Akufo Addo did not win Election 2012 Supreme Court petition upon all that was made apparent on live telecast during the court proceedings is comparable to an evil dwarf. He won the case but Atuguba, some chief, and the actions by some old evil dwarfs belonging in the NPP family robbed him of the crown. ? ? Are there really bad nuts within the NPP? Anyone within the NPP who either intentionally or inadvertently works against the general interest of the party and the majority of the citizens of Ghana is an evil dwarf, whether old or young. ? ? Better be an old good dwarf than an old evil dwarf, oh my dear Reader. HATE ME IF YOU WANT TO, BUT FOR A GOOD REASON! ? ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson