Does the NPP now trust the Electoral Commission?

Sun, 15 Dec 2013 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Friday, December 13, 2013

Folks, we all know how the NPP members, led by the pee-wee Akufo-Addo, took on the entire Electoral Commission to disgrace as a useless institution not fit to organize elections in Ghana. That was when they lost the 2012 general (Presidential) elections but won’t accept defeat as the direct upshot of their “book politics”.

They narrowed everything down to Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, the EC Chair, and went to all lengths and breadths, cursing him, describing him as the devil, and calling on God to kill him. Dr. Afari Gyan survived all the personal attacks and has remained firmly entrenched at post, still doing what he is over-qualified to do.

These NPP people virtually dismembered the EC and its Chair just because they couldn't bring themselves to face reality.

Not even moves by the EC Chair to allay all fears that they expressed could settle emotions. They went haywire, even after the Supreme Court had confirmed their humiliation at the polls.

When the EC began reviewing Election 2012 to appraise its performance, they quickly latched on to it as a confirmation of their allegations of incompetence or collusion with President Mahama and the NDC to steal the elections for the NDC and President Mahama.

They won't listen to reason at all and persisted in damaging the integrity of the EC, backed by their shortsighted spiritual failures called Reverends, Bishops, Overseers, and so on—so-called Men-of-God, blinded by hypocrisy and motivated by mischief-making verbal antics—fit to be consigned to some realm of darkness where wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth should be their lot!!

They won't even want to have anything to do with the EC and even boycotted the bye-elections held in the Buem area because they said they didn’t trust the EC to do any good job. Once bitten, they claimed, twice shy.

They called for the disbanding or re-organization of the EC to suit their expectations. Nothing of the sort has happened. The EC has remained what it has been all along.

Now, guess what? These “book politicians” will hold elections tomorrow (Saturday, December 15, 2013) to elect constituency-level party officials to run affairs. They will also move on to hold elections for the regional officers and national executive officers of the party.

And you know which institution they will work with? This same EC:

“As part of preparations towards the 2016 general elections, the opposition New Patriotic Party is poised to hold its constituency elections this weekend. Nominations opened for the elections on November 14, 2013, for interested contestants to purchase the Constituency Nomination forms from the Secretary of the Constituency Elections Committee, Regional or National Office.

The Electoral Commission, with the support of the Constituency Elections Committee, will conduct the elections. An indication has been given by the leadership of the party that some constituencies will be going to the poll Sunday, December 15.”

(Source: http://elections.peacefmonline.com/pages/politics/201312/182867.php)


Folks, do you see how confused these NPP people are? Double-dealers galore!! Hypocrisy in politics doesn't ensure electoral victory; it results in humiliating defeat!!

I shall return…

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.