Don’t Praise Me If You Won’t Assist

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

It is a Biblical injunction that before one can REMOVE a mote from another’s eyes, one must FREE ONSELF the speck on one’s eyes FIRST. I have no patience with those Political Novices and some of my numerous admirers who always praise me to the High Heavens for the progressive and educative articles I have been pouring out into the public domain but will never assist me financially to enable me write more for them to read. I also frown upon those who always try to mislead me into writing articles that they would want to read – if they want me to do that, I will never, never write such articles for them at all. They can either write it themselves or if they are illiterates, they should find an educated man or woman to do it for them and not me. Why won’t I do it? The answer is that my Pen cuts across both sides, of the political divide and I will be one of Ghana’s most famous clowns if I agree to always write to condemn only the NPP while some NDC appointees and Party Executives are doing Worse Things and expect Ghanaians and people like me to praise them to the High Heavens and regard them as Angels. “Tofiakwa”, double, double it won’t ever happen in my life time. Are my so-called Praise Singers listening? We also have the Law of Libel in the 1992 Constitution where a writer can be sued for millions of Ghana Cedis as well as the Publisher of the Particular newspaper that destroys or maligns that person when you publish lies with intent to destroy the hard won reputation of innocent individuals.

Therefore, I don’t write false stories, neither do I write by heart. I always write to provoke DEBATE and not to please any body whether in government or in the Opposition, and I have never being sponsored by anybody or group of people to write such articles at all, so nobody can divert my course. When I started writing articles as far back as 1984, I clashed with the following personalities notably, the Late P.A.V. Ausah of the University of Ghana, I even attended his funeral at Salt Pond under disguise at 29 Prabue Street. Kakra Essaumah, Kweku Baako Jnr, the late T.H. Ewusi Brook man, a fearless editor of the “Pioneer”, Collins Essaumah, Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi of the Methodist Church and a Former Council of State member, the late Ferdinand O. Ayim, former editor of the “States man”, Lawyer Obiri Boahen Kwabena Sarpong Akosah, former Journalist of the “Ghanaian Voice” Kofi Coomson of the Chronicle, Eben Quacoo of the “Free Press” and Countless Editors and Columnists in the various newspapers nationwide from 1984 up to date 2012. Have you seen the long journey that I travelled since the PNDC era to date? I am therefore not a push over at all to allow anybody or group of people to just call me and instruct me to write false articles and stories about NPP members simply because you hate them or you just want to discredit and destroy them. I don’t write to destroy or discredit political parties or personalities, I rather write to heat the “Nyass” of non-forming public officials, arrogant and deceitful politicians, selfish Constituency Executives form both sides of the political divide as well as those sycophants in government who always undermine the sitting government and pretend to support them until they die. Both the NDC and NPP came just 20 years ago to meet the country Ghana – now 54 years and she is older than both parties by far.

I will not be happy if somebody destroys or tarnishes my reputation in the media, so I will not also destroy or tarnish anybody’s hard won reputation in any news paper and with this, nobody can get up to sue me in any court. I am a Natural Journalist trained by God through my Father and my late Teacher and that was the Commandment God gave me through them when I graduated from School in 1961 and became a Young Pioneer Secretary – it was a non-profit making political office but I was very powerful and feared by all those who were bent on destroying Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government which was finally overthrown in a bloody coup de’tat on 24th February, 1966. I suffered political detention for 3 months in a so-called Protected Custody before being released finally. Even though it was supposed to be a Protective Custody, we were never protected, we were rather tortured and asked to INSULT, DENOUNCE and CONDEMN Dr. Nkrumah but most of us refused to do that. I mean, it was Hell from 1966 – 1969, so never pray for the Military to ever come back to rule Ghana again. To prevent that, we must be honest, patriotic, disciplined, truthful and God fearing in whatever we do in this democratic era since corruption is in its worst form in the body politic today 2012 as it was since Ex-Prez. Kuffuor’s 8 years rule where zero tolerance for corruption turned out to be 100% tolerance for corruption, Haruna Esseku, the former NPP National Chairman got the sack when he openly came out to tell Ghanaians that the “kick backs” he had collected from the Castle could not be packed into his car boot. The NPP said he had opened his mouth too wide and removed him from his Chairmanship position. Do you know what? Ruling Government’s always hate to be told the truth since Ghana’s independence to date? You see, if you lie to a child, you have abused the minds of MANY GENERATIONS to come, tell the child the TRUTH…….it is the ONLY WAY to set them free forever, and this is my MISSION. I am out to educate Ghana Youth and I sincerely believe that millions of the brilliant ones will surely follow my footsteps when I am dead and gone.


Scandals still continue to plague organizations which should have been profitable but do not make the mark, and so the Staff suffer always while individuals gain undeserved properties through theft, greed and selfishness. We saw this clearly in 1985 under the PNDC era, where the Ghana Education Service top officials embezzled billions of cedis through their infamous “Over the Bar” Slogan, where thousands of Headmasters were caught red handed in massive looting of government cash, and this explains why most headmasters have pitched camp with the NPP. The man who busted the corruption Cartel in the Ghana Education Service was Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi now a lecturer at GIMPA if we had just 20 of such patriots in Ghana, we would have become a 1st World Country by 1989. Am I lying? Some Headmasters can steal money oo!

The erstwhile PNDC government had never been ASHAMED in washing ITS DIRTY LINEN in Public and drying it in Public, because it believed that CRIME MUST NEVER be CONDONED hence it never spared any Cadre or appointee since 1982 – 1992, and showed no mercy to others neither was it biased too. That legacy is too expensive to be IGNORED by the Present Ruling NDC 2 government in its fight to eradicate corruption. Government is held responsible for the fate of suffering workers while those who always milk the organization dry go about their nocturnal duties and continue to enjoy the sympathy of their colleagues when it comes to bemoaning their lot. Moral education must be taught in Schools and the Churches, social organizations since the churches are finding it very difficult, in transforming the society as some church leaders have neglected their divine duties. The weak hearted in the Public and Civil Service strives to collect as much bribes as possible while his post lasts, and it is the Republic that must suffer. The honest and stout hearted may seek early retirement before a change of government. So whether Military or Civilian regime, dismissal by Executive Fiat is still possible in Ghana and no one can cough when that happens since the Executive owe nobody an apology. When you are a one sided columnist, you lose your integrity and people regard you as a sycophant. Is any body listening? I am done. Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwaii.


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front


E-mail: ClementSang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement